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This applies only to those fonts that are copyright Bigelow & Holmes.


- make an ADAPTATION of files that are copyright Bigelow & Holmes found in the Inferno distribution (``FONT SOFTWARE'').
- distribute FONT SOFTWARE except as part of a larger software distribution
incorporating the Inferno system software (and any adaptations of it YOU may make)
provided that the distribution includes minimum sub-licence terms as specified below.

The FONT SOFTWARE includes Fonts and Typefaces that are licensed from
Bigelow & Holmes Inc ("B&H").  YOU must include the following licence
terms when distributing the Fonts or Typefaces to any sublicensee and
impose the same restrictions on them in respect of any sublicence that
they may grant.

1. Licence and Title
This FONT LICENCE conveys a limited right to use, reproduce and
distribute the Fonts and Typefaces in accordance with the terms and
conditions in this FONT LICENCE and the Inferno Binary and Limited
Source Licence Agreement but does not convey title or any other
licences or rights which are not expressly provided relating to the
Typefaces or Fonts to YOU, sublicensees or any other end users.  YOU
acknowledge and agree that B&H owns all proprietary rights including
without limitation all intellectual property rights in the Typefaces
and Fonts and derivative works.

2. B&H Trade Mark Ownership
YOU acknowledge that B&H owns the entire right, title and interest in
the trade marks "Lucida and Bigelow & Holmes".

3. Notices
3.1 YOU agree that all advertising, promotion, marketing and
distribution in connection with this FONT LICENCE shall acknowledge
and use the trade marks of B&H in such a way as to protect such trade
marks.  3.2 YOU may not identify the Typefaces and Fonts by any trade
mark or trade name other than "Lucida".  If YOU make any reference to
any of the Typefaces or Fonts in sales literature, advertising,
manuals and documentation, on equipment, visual displays, printed
output and image carrier labels and outer containers, such references
shall include the "Lucida" trade marks together with (i) the symbol ®
and (ii) the phrase
"Lucida is a registered trade mark of Bigelow & Holmes Inc".  3.3 YOU
shall publish notices of B&H copyright and/or design patent rights on
the Image Carrier labels and diskette, tape or cartridge containers in
which the Typefaces and Fonts are packaged separately from the
LICENSED SOFTWARE, and in the header of files containing Typefaces or
Fonts.  Such notices shall be inthe following form; "Lucida and
Pellucida are registered trademarks of Bigelow & Holmes Inc. Lucida®
digital fonts copyright © 1985, 1986 by Bigelow & Holmes Inc".

4. B&H Rights in the Typeface Designs
4.1 YOU shall produce machine readable Raster Fonts only from Fonts provided by B&H.
4.2 YOU may not modify the Fonts or Typefaces represented by the Fonts
in Style (ie.  the combination of typographic design characteristics
that distinguish one typeface from another), design features or in any
other respect, nor add additional characters without the prior written
consent of B&H.
4.3 YOU may permit the LICENSED SOFTWARE to make automatic
modifications of any Typeface or Font including scaling, rotating,
condensation, extension, obliquing, reversal, tinting, shadowing,
outlining, or other transformations which LICENSED SOFTWARE can
perform automatically.

5. Protection Against Unauthorised Reproduction
5.1 YOU shall use due care in protecting the Typeface and Font digital
data YOU received against unauthorised use or reproduction.
5.2 YOU shall notify VITA NUOVA promptly in writing of any known or
suspected unauthorised reproduction, use or distribution of the Fonts
or Typefaces by Sublicensees, end users or others.