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11a2743d – 9ferno – 2021-08-10T18:25:59-04:00
correct the segflush() function signature

e16b4d85 – 9ferno – 2021-08-10T18:21:12-04:00
added missing type definitions

35bdc136 – 9ferno – 2021-08-10T18:14:34-04:00
added empty line

9a4b98a8 – 9ferno – 2021-08-10T18:10:59-04:00
copied from 9front

19155801 – 9ferno – 2021-08-10T18:03:23-04:00
moved the obsolete rules to the end

be096f83 – 9ferno – 2021-08-10T17:47:50-04:00
corrected debug print

16593a0c – 9ferno – 2021-08-10T17:41:19-04:00
working vmap()

a1b17711 – 9ferno – 2021-08-10T16:00:52-04:00
reverting to original code

2de7940a – 9ferno – 2021-08-09T10:23:44-04:00
cleaned up the boot messages

19718577 – 9ferno – 2021-08-09T10:23:14-04:00
increased print buffer size to accommodate e820 conf value

c0a28bad – 9ferno – 2021-08-09T08:43:29-04:00
cleaned up unused variables

07bee1c2 – 9ferno – 2021-08-09T08:41:27-04:00
show config setup by bios and 9boot

ef1061c6 – 9ferno – 2021-08-08T21:23:04-04:00
working uart after import from 9front

b6edae95 – 9ferno – 2021-08-08T21:55:03-04:00
cleaned up the memory debug prints

1daffb59 – 9ferno – 2021-08-08T21:25:57-04:00
minor changes to get devcons working neatly

b1df88a7 – 9ferno – 2021-08-08T17:27:26-04:00
synchronize segflush function definition

9ef92d33 – 9ferno – 2021-08-08T15:24:07-04:00
fixed permissions thanks to kvik

98272cae – 9ferno – 2021-08-07T19:41:33-04:00
temporary hack until kbdfs

702ddcd8 – 9ferno – 2021-08-07T08:45:30-04:00
going for kbdfs

d820cecf – 9ferno – 2021-08-06T17:58:45-04:00
changes to have a common boot script across vmx and phsical machine

2dd98ec9 – 9ferno – 2021-08-06T10:59:12-04:00
more debug prints

ad13cd2e – 9ferno – 2021-08-06T10:58:53-04:00
fix ramscan()

2072db1e – 9ferno – 2021-08-06T10:54:51-04:00
commenting out the vmx specific /dis/init

d0b0ee91 – 9ferno – 2021-08-06T10:53:55-04:00
more debug prints

7e0a4aa1 – 9ferno – 2021-08-06T10:53:26-04:00
changes to get to the native amd64 shell prompt

926b447e – joe9 – 2021-08-04T14:06:19-04:00
let iprint to screenputs too

876f68cf – joe9 – 2021-08-04T14:05:39-04:00
setting mallocz to ulong for compatiblity with emu implementation

0cb3dc37 – joe9 – 2021-08-04T14:02:18-04:00
minor changes to account for 64 bit Qid.path

07efa53a – joe9 – 2021-08-04T13:49:06-04:00
allow the use of wakeup() in interrupts

c7019579 – joe9 – 2021-08-02T14:27:23-04:00
using inferno-os os.b instead of purgatorio version

4b1093d7 – joe9 – 2021-07-30T14:48:33-04:00
go to the root before unmounting

6dce09ce – joe9 – 2021-07-30T13:25:13-04:00
sorted the required dis files by name

52f8d420 – joe9 – 2021-07-30T13:09:09-04:00
working kfs shutdown hack

e74fa5bc – joe9 – 2021-07-30T00:10:28-04:00
updated init

0cb5f1d1 – joe9 – 2021-07-29T23:13:22-04:00
added missing conf.ialloc

e647395a – joe9 – 2021-07-29T08:25:43-04:00
cleaned up the mkfile

8180116f – joe9 – 2021-07-29T08:14:59-04:00
cleaned up simple.b

4f618bf2 – joe9 – 2021-07-29T08:14:45-04:00
more comments to /dis/init

12f53a4f – joe9 – 2021-07-29T07:54:05-04:00
removed trailing whitespace

dc6f3c38 – joe9 – 2021-07-29T07:52:58-04:00
kfs sync before shutdown

4f2a18dc – joe9 – 2021-07-29T07:43:40-04:00
ignore efi binaries

1de9b5a9 – joe9 – 2021-07-29T07:42:46-04:00
added a simple init

c8b187f9 – joe9 – 2021-07-29T07:41:56-04:00
added essential commands to devroot and changed init to simple

0ac57d69 – joe9 – 2021-07-29T07:40:52-04:00
build pc64 using proto files

12e226ac – joe9 – 2021-07-29T07:39:33-04:00
updated proto files

3521573f – joe9 – 2021-07-29T07:38:05-04:00
replaced bootrc with init

5ce6cc58 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T14:13:06-04:00
do not track keys

d0e8e41b – joe9 – 2021-07-28T14:11:14-04:00
added emptydirs for amd64

05cddab3 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:54:16-04:00
added OpenBSD/amd64 directories to empty dirs

82c6b554 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:40:11-04:00
Revert "separated ROOT and SRC directories"

0ba3cbf0 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:39:58-04:00
Revert "copy the /usr/ directory to inferno root"

ae1b9c48 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:39:42-04:00
Revert "getting osinit.dis to work with the different inferno root directory"

a78a1250 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:39:33-04:00
Revert "remove .dis and .sbl files from version control"

25e4f8ae – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:39:24-04:00
Revert "wrong BIN directory"

4efa9e33 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:39:16-04:00
Revert "set the full path of the executable instead of relying on path"

6c239108 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:39:04-04:00
Revert "fixes to support the change separating SRC and ROOT directories"

63057ad9 – joe9 – 2021-07-28T12:38:54-04:00
Revert "correcting more BIN locations"

6cb92dcd – 9ferno – 2021-07-27T16:34:25-04:00
correcting more BIN locations

1294b382 – 9ferno – 2021-07-27T11:34:08-04:00
fixes to support the change separating SRC and ROOT directories

c52aa493 – 9ferno – 2021-07-26T20:52:45-04:00
set the full path of the executable instead of relying on path

195f6786 – 9ferno – 2021-07-26T16:25:12-04:00
wrong BIN directory

79eda009 – 9ferno – 2021-07-26T16:24:11-04:00
remove .dis and .sbl files from version control

c2a41686 – 9ferno – 2021-07-26T16:23:26-04:00
getting osinit.dis to work with the different inferno root directory

7be64ada – 9ferno – 2021-07-26T16:20:46-04:00
copy the /usr/ directory to inferno root

b0c5d15d – joe9 – 2021-07-08T01:09:52-04:00
removed my local mkconfig files

5ccd7ec6 – 9ferno – 2021-07-26T13:52:00-04:00
separated ROOT and SRC directories

0ce52865 – 9ferno – 2021-07-24T00:11:41-04:00
fixed bug in mkfs processing of directories

40bf4845 – 9ferno – 2021-07-23T23:04:35-04:00
removed the reference to bitbucket

343aeb35 – joe9 – 2021-07-14T14:43:06-04:00
remove more generated files from version control

a653aac0 – 9ferno – 2021-07-22T21:05:58-04:00
template script to start on boot

b786a6fc – 9ferno – 2021-07-22T21:04:33-04:00
git ignore generated files

a67842e7 – 9ferno – 2021-07-22T21:04:05-04:00
ignore more generated files

aeeb05fd – 9ferno – 2021-07-22T18:53:55-04:00
ditching the int suffix from integer representation

56800240 – 9ferno – 2021-07-22T18:37:47-04:00
added 9front amd64 directories

8ad9e9ba – 9ferno – 2021-07-22T18:09:39-04:00
cleaned up the files in devroot to the minimal set that will mount a cd

b222ebff – joe9 – 2021-07-22T12:38:38-04:00
fix bug in direntry mode conversion

20533acd – joe9 – 2021-07-22T12:39:18-04:00
increased kfs NAMELEN to 144

27d6d3da – joe9 – 2021-07-21T13:17:11-04:00
add storage devices to the default binds

7985abab – joe9 – 2021-07-21T13:16:24-04:00
increased number of processes as the system is more stable now

a7080788 – joe9 – 2021-07-19T00:46:58-04:00
build script template to use at some point

ae5d4f04 – joe9 – 2021-07-18T20:28:41-04:00
build efi executables in objtype

905e669f – joe9 – 2021-07-18T20:28:03-04:00
mk targets similar to 9front to build iso

842e16cd – joe9 – 2021-07-18T12:50:26-04:00
correct ignore patterns

70d8b412 – joe9 – 2021-07-18T12:50:00-04:00
copied 9front 9bootproto

489e8213 – joe9 – 2021-07-17T13:21:39-04:00
ignore directories created from lib/emptydirs

3e14055e – joe9 – 2021-07-17T12:06:56-04:00
ignore os/boot generated files

aa4cf3a4 – joe9 – 2021-07-17T12:04:04-04:00
added inferno configuration to mkfile

8fcbe64f – joe9 – 2021-07-17T11:03:42-04:00
remove the libfis and libflate from emu build

9484894a – joe9 – 2021-07-17T11:03:23-04:00
change 9front mkfile to work with inferno

83246e29 – joe9 – 2021-07-17T10:57:33-04:00
show kerndate at boot

e7b263af – joe9 – 2021-07-17T10:05:51-04:00
build libfis and libflate while build other libraries

779e097f – joe9 – 2021-07-17T10:00:58-04:00
integrating libflate into the build

f7eca4b6 – joe9 – 2021-07-17T09:33:43-04:00
pragma changes for inferno

e81cb4d6 – joe9 – 2021-07-17T09:29:52-04:00
flate.h from 9front

db9a1bbc – joe9 – 2021-07-17T09:27:38-04:00
using libflate from 9front as 9boot depends on it

8411fca6 – joe9 – 2021-07-17T02:34:58-04:00
copied 9front boot infrastructure over

5c30140a – joe9 – 2021-07-17T02:27:44-04:00
moving inferno os/boot away

72db5b39 – joe9 – 2021-07-14T14:42:30-04:00
minor cosmetic changes

600bbfe4 – joe9 – 2021-07-05T15:07:16-04:00
9front acid definitions

2d7cc7c3 – joe9 – 2021-07-05T15:05:34-04:00
9front 386 mkfile