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This directory and its subdirectory $cputype are always mounted at
the end of /bin for programs run from acme.  They hold a collection
of small acme-specific applications:

win [command]
	Create an acme window to serve as a terminal, analogous
	to xterm.  By default, it runs the shell, rc, but it works with
	any interactive program, e.g. hoc.  Within the window,
	commands executed with button 2 are 'executed' by sending
	their text to the standard input of the command, appending
	a newline if necessary.
new command
	Run the non-interactive command, placing its standard and
	diagnostic output in a new window.
aspell file
	Run spell on the file, labeling the output with addresses so
	misspelled words can be found in context using button 3.
adiff file1 file2
	Run diff on the files, labeling the output with addresses so
	changes can be found in context using button 3.
	Interactive version of dict(1).  Button 3 looks up words and
	may be applied to any word in any adict window.
	When a word has multiple definitions, indicate the number
	(as in acme Mail) to disambiguate.