code: 9ferno

ref: 12e226ac6798412271020d42645f69138715c519
dir: /include/memdraw.h/

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#pragma	src	"/usr/inferno/libmemdraw"

typedef struct	Memimage Memimage;
typedef struct	Memdata Memdata;
typedef struct	Memsubfont Memsubfont;
typedef struct	Memlayer Memlayer;
typedef struct	Memcmap Memcmap;
typedef struct	Memdrawparam	Memdrawparam;

#pragma incomplete Memlayer

 * Memdata is allocated from main pool, but .data from the image pool.
 * Memdata is allocated separately to permit patching its pointer after
 * compaction when windows share the image data.
 * The first word of data is a back pointer to the Memdata, to find
 * The word to patch.

struct Memdata
	uintptr	*base;	/* allocated data pointer */
	uchar	*bdata;	/* pointer to first byte of actual data; word-aligned */
	s32int		ref;		/* number of Memimages using this data */
	void*	imref;
	s32int		allocd;	/* is this malloc'd? */

enum {
	Frepl		= 1<<0,	/* is replicated */
	Fsimple	= 1<<1,	/* is 1x1 */
	Fgrey	= 1<<2,	/* is grey */
	Falpha	= 1<<3,	/* has explicit alpha */
	Fcmap	= 1<<4,	/* has cmap channel */
	Fbytes	= 1<<5,	/* has only 8-bit channels */

struct Memimage
	Rectangle	r;		/* rectangle in data area, local coords */
	Rectangle	clipr;		/* clipping region */
	s32int		depth;	/* number of bits of storage per pixel */
	s32int		nchan;	/* number of channels */
	u32int	chan;	/* channel descriptions */
	Memcmap	*cmap;

	Memdata	*data;	/* pointer to data; shared by windows in this image */
	s32int		zero;		/* data->bdata+zero==&byte containing (0,0) */
	u32int	width;	/* width in words of a single scan line */
	Memlayer	*layer;	/* nil if not a layer*/
	u32int	flags;

	s32int		shift[NChan];
	s32int		mask[NChan];
	s32int		nbits[NChan];

struct Memcmap
	uchar	cmap2rgb[3*256];
	uchar	rgb2cmap[16*16*16];

 * Subfonts
 * given char c, Subfont *f, Fontchar *i, and Point p, one says
 *	i = f->info+c;
 *	draw(b, Rect(p.x+i->left, p.y+i->top,
 *		p.x+i->left+((i+1)->x-i->x), p.y+i->bottom),
 *		color, f->bits, Pt(i->x, i->top));
 *	p.x += i->width;
 * to draw characters in the specified color (itself a Memimage) in Memimage b.

struct	Memsubfont
	char		*name;
	s16int	n;		/* number of chars in font */
	uchar	height;		/* height of bitmap */
	char	ascent;		/* top of bitmap to baseline */
	Fontchar *info;		/* n+1 character descriptors */
	Memimage	*bits;		/* of font */

 * Encapsulated parameters and information for sub-draw routines.
enum {
struct	Memdrawparam
	Memimage *dst;
	Rectangle	r;
	Memimage *src;
	Rectangle sr;
	Memimage *mask;
	Rectangle mr;
	s32int op;

	u32int state;
	u32int mval;	/* if Simplemask, the mask pixel in mask format */
	u32int mrgba;	/* mval in rgba */
	u32int sval;	/* if Simplesrc, the source pixel in src format */
	u32int srgba;	/* sval in rgba */
	u32int sdval;	/* sval in dst format */

 * Memimage management

extern Memimage*	allocmemimage(Rectangle, u32int);
extern Memimage*	allocmemimaged(Rectangle, u32int, Memdata*);
extern Memimage*	readmemimage(int);
extern Memimage*	creadmemimage(int);
extern int	writememimage(int, Memimage*);
extern void	freememimage(Memimage*);
extern int		loadmemimage(Memimage*, Rectangle, uchar*, int);
extern int		cloadmemimage(Memimage*, Rectangle, uchar*, int);
extern int		unloadmemimage(Memimage*, Rectangle, uchar*, int);
extern u32int*	u32addr(Memimage*, Point);
extern uchar*	byteaddr(Memimage*, Point);
extern int		drawclip(Memimage*, Rectangle*, Memimage*, Point*, Memimage*, Point*, Rectangle*, Rectangle*);
extern void	memfillcolor(Memimage*, u32int);
extern int		memsetchan(Memimage*, u32int);

 * Graphics
extern void	memdraw(Memimage*, Rectangle, Memimage*, Point, Memimage*, Point, int);
extern void	memline(Memimage*, Point, Point, int, int, int, Memimage*, Point, int);
extern void	mempoly(Memimage*, Point*, int, int, int, int, Memimage*, Point, int);
extern void	memfillpoly(Memimage*, Point*, int, int, Memimage*, Point, int);
extern void	_memfillpolysc(Memimage*, Point*, int, int, Memimage*, Point, int, int, int, int);
extern void	memimagedraw(Memimage*, Rectangle, Memimage*, Point, Memimage*, Point, int);
extern int	hwdraw(Memdrawparam*);
extern void	memimageline(Memimage*, Point, Point, int, int, int, Memimage*, Point, int);
extern void	_memimageline(Memimage*, Point, Point, int, int, int, Memimage*, Point, Rectangle, int);
extern Point	memimagestring(Memimage*, Point, Memimage*, Point, Memsubfont*, char*);
extern void	memellipse(Memimage*, Point, int, int, int, Memimage*, Point, int);
extern void	memarc(Memimage*, Point, int, int, int, Memimage*, Point, int, int, int);
extern Rectangle	memlinebbox(Point, Point, int, int, int);
extern int	memlineendsize(int);
extern void	_memmkcmap(void);
extern s32	memimageinit(void);

 * Subfont management
extern Memsubfont*	allocmemsubfont(char*, int, int, int, Fontchar*, Memimage*);
extern Memsubfont*	openmemsubfont(char*);
extern void	freememsubfont(Memsubfont*);
extern Point	memsubfontwidth(Memsubfont*, char*);
extern Memsubfont*	getmemdefont(void);

 * Predefined 
extern	Memimage*	memwhite;
extern	Memimage*	memblack;
extern	Memimage*	memopaque;
extern	Memimage*	memtransparent;
extern	Memcmap	*memdefcmap;

 * Kernel interface
Memdata*	attachscreen(Rectangle*, ulong*, int*, int*, int*);
void		memimagemove(void*, void*);

 * Kernel cruft
extern void	rdb(void);
extern int		iprint(char*, ...);
#pragma varargck argpos iprint 1
extern int		drawdebug;

 * doprint interface: numbconv bit strings
#pragma varargck type "llb" vlong
#pragma varargck type "llb" uvlong
#pragma varargck type "lb" long
#pragma varargck type "lb" ulong
#pragma varargck type "b" int
#pragma varargck type "b" uint