code: 9ferno

ref: 21336d544ae90e20070fd7c8be67f3f2c9ccbe38
dir: /libdraw/computil.c/

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#include "lib9.h"
#include "draw.h"

 * compressed data are sequences of byte codes.  
 * if the first byte b has the 0x80 bit set, the next (b^0x80)+1 bytes
 * are data.  otherwise, it's two bytes specifying a previous string to repeat.
_twiddlecompressed(uchar *buf, int n)
	uchar *ebuf;
	int j, k, c;

	ebuf = buf+n;
	while(buf < ebuf){
		c = *buf++;
		if(c >= 128){
			k = c-128+1;
			for(j=0; j<k; j++, buf++)
				*buf ^= 0xFF;

_compblocksize(Rectangle r, int depth)
	int bpl;

	bpl = bytesperline(r, depth);
	bpl = 2*bpl;	/* add plenty extra for blocking, etc. */
	if(bpl < NCBLOCK)
		return NCBLOCK;
	return bpl;