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dir: /libinterp/raise.c/

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 * Exceptions thrown by the interpreter
char exAlt[]		 = "alt send/recv on same chan";
char exBusy[]		 = "channel busy";
char exModule[]		 = "module not loaded";
char exCompile[]	 = "compile failed";
char exCrange[]		 = "constant range ";
char exCctovflw[]	 = "constant table overflow";
char exCphase[]		 = "compiler phase error";
char exType[]		 = "type not constructed correctly";
char exZdiv[]		 = "zero divide";
char exHeap[]		 = "out of memory: heap";
char	exImage[]		= "out of memory: image";
char exItype[]		 = "inconsistent type";
char exMathia[]		 = "invalid math argument";
char exBounds[]		 = "array bounds error";
char exNegsize[]	 = "negative array size";
char exNomem[]		 = "out of memory: main";
char exSpawn[]		 = "spawn a builtin module";
char exOp[]		 = "illegal dis instruction";
char exTcheck[]		 = "type check";
char exInval[]		 = "invalid argument";
char exNilref[]		 = "dereference of nil";
char exRange[]		 = "value out of range";