code: 9ferno

ref: 235f7a8b7ddec20656b0898551e2d7ffba2a1b8a
dir: /libkeyring/keys.h/

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typedef struct SigAlg SigAlg;
typedef struct SigAlgVec SigAlgVec;
typedef struct SK SK;
typedef struct PK PK;
typedef struct Certificate Certificate;
typedef struct XDigestState XDigestState;
typedef struct XAESstate XAESstate;
typedef struct XDESstate XDESstate;
typedef struct XIDEAstate XIDEAstate;
typedef struct XRC4state XRC4state;

	Maxbuf=	4096,
	MaxBigBytes = 1024

/* generic certificate */
struct Certificate
	Keyring_Certificate x;
	void		*signa;	/* actual signature */

/* generic public key */
struct PK
	Keyring_PK	x;
	void		*key;	/* key and system parameters */

/* digest state */
struct XDigestState
	Keyring_DigestState	x;
	DigestState	state;

/* AES state */
struct XAESstate
	Keyring_AESstate	x;
	AESstate	state;

/* DES state */
struct XDESstate
	Keyring_DESstate	x;
	DESstate	state;

/* IDEA state */
struct XIDEAstate
	Keyring_IDEAstate	x;
	IDEAstate	state;

/* RC4 state */
struct XRC4state
	Keyring_RC4state	x;
	RC4state	state;

/* generic secret key */
struct SK
	Keyring_SK	x;
	void		*key;	/* key and system parameters */

struct SigAlgVec {
	char	*name;

	char**	skattr;
	char**	pkattr;
	char**	sigattr;

	void*	(*str2sk)(char*, char**);
	void*	(*str2pk)(char*, char**);
	void*	(*str2sig)(char*, char**);

	int	(*sk2str)(void*, char*, int);
	int	(*pk2str)(void*, char*, int);
	int	(*sig2str)(void*, char*, int);

	void*	(*sk2pk)(void*);

	void*	(*gensk)(int);
	void*	(*genskfrompk)(void*);
	void*	(*sign)(mpint*, void*);
	int	(*verify)(mpint*, void*, void*);

	void	(*skfree)(void*);
	void	(*pkfree)(void*);
	void	(*sigfree)(void*);

struct SigAlg
	Keyring_SigAlg	x;
	SigAlgVec	*vec;

int	bigtobase64(mpint* b, char *buf, int blen);
mpint*	base64tobig(char *str, char **strp);
SigAlgVec*	findsigalg(char*);
//Keyring_IPint*	newIPint(mpint*);
void*	newIPint(mpint*);