code: 9ferno

ref: 6dce09cec3bf6a689fa9a3f838df67d7d48d9d1a
dir: /Nt/386/include/emu.h/

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 * system- and machine-specific declarations for emu:
 * floating-point save and restore, signal handling primitive, and
 * implementation of the current-process variable `up'.

 * This structure must agree with FPsave and FPrestore asm routines
typedef	struct	FPU	FPU;
struct FPU
	uchar	env[28];

extern	void		sleep(int);

/* Set up private thread space */
extern	__declspec(thread) Proc*	up;
#define Sleep	NTsleep

typedef jmp_buf osjmpbuf;
#define	ossetjmp(buf)	setjmp(buf)