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<title>Bill Wattenburg’s Background: Editor’s Foreword</title>

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<h1>Editor’s Foreword</h1>

<p>I received this report on Bill Wattenburg from a government agency as a
public document, and am making it publicly available so that the public may learn of his many
accomplishments and some insight into his character.</p>

<p>If this little report isn’t enough, you can follow Bill’s continuing exploits at, which is a shortcut to a section of my main Web site,, that closely
follows his radio show and other exploits.</p>

<p>As a means of introduction to this report, you can start with Bill’s <a href="resume.html">résumé</a>,
and some of the more interesting quotations that I are taken from this report
<a href="QuotesFromBill.html">from Bill</a> and <a href="QuotesAboutBill.html">about Bill</a>. They
are all interesting and provide a great introduction to Bill’s iconoclastic personality.</p>

<p class="right">—Peter K. Sheerin<br />
Webmaster and Editor-in-Chief,</p>

<br />

<p>P.S. If some of what you read seems hard to believe, then this quote from a very well known scientist who
has worked with Bill should serve as a good introduction:</p>

<blockquote><q>If anyone has spent $10 or $20 million on a difficult technical problem and not found a
solution, they probably should have asked Bill Wattenburg First.”</q></blockquote>