Bill Wattenburg played the tough guy talk show host and tennis player (Nolan Kennard) in Clint Eastwood’s 1988 Dirty Harry movie, “The Dead Pool”. He next worked with Eastwood and played the role of the pit boss in the filming of “Pink Cadillac”.

Clint Eastwood made one of his rare public appearances on Wattenburg’s talk show to express his views on the political issues on the California ballot in November 1990. The two of them teamed up for two hours, live on KGO, before the California audience to support the Legislative Term Limit initiative, Proposition 140. This “voter’s revolt” was strongly opposed by the political powerhouses who were unleashing a multi-million dollar, last-minute TV blitz using other Hollywood personalities to defeat the initiative. The polls were predicting that Proposition 140 would be defeated. It passed two days later.