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kfscmd \- kfs administration
.B disk/kfscmd
.RB [ -n
.IR name ]
.IR cmd " ..."
.I Kfscmd
issues commands to a
.IR kfs (4)
server that was started with the
.B -n
option to create a control file.
.IR Kfscmd 's
.B -n
option names the file system to which the
.I cmd
applies; it is
.B main
by default.
The known commands are described below.
Note that some commands are multiple words (eg,
.B check
and its flags) and
should be quoted to appear as a single argument to
.IR sh (1).
.TP \w'\fLallowoff\ \fIn'u
.B allow
Turn permission checking off (to simplify administration).
Equivalent to the
.B -P
.B -W
options to
.IR kfs (4).
.B allowoff
.PD 0
.B disallow
Turn permission checking on (again).
.B halt
write all changed blocks and stop the file system.
.B help
print the list of commands.
.BI "rename " "file name"
Change the name of
.I file
.IR name .
.BI "newuser " user
.I user
.B /adm/users
and make the standard directories needed for booting.
.BI "remove " file
.I file
and place its blocks on the free list.
.BI "clri " file
.I file
but do not place the blocks on the free list.
This command can be used to remove files that have duplicated blocks.
The non-duplicate blocks can be retrieved by checking the file system
with option
.B f
(see below).
.BI create \ file\ owner\ group\ mode\  [adl]
Create the file.  Owner and group are users in
.B /adm/users
and mode is an octal number.
If present,
.L a
creates an append only file,
.L d
creates a directory, and
.L l
creates a file that is exclusive-use.
.B sync
write to disk all of the dirty blocks in the memory cache.
.B users
Reinitialise authentication information by reading
.BR /adm/users .
.B check [cdfpPqrtw]
Check the file system and print summary information.
The options are
.PD 0
.B c
fix bad tags and clear the contents of the block.
.B d
delete redundant references to a block.
.B f
rebuild the list of free blocks.
.B p
print the names of directories as they are checked.
.B P
print the names of all files as they are checked.
.B q
quiet mode: report errors, but suppress summary information.
.B r
read all of the data blocks and check the tags.
.B t
fix bad tags.
.B w
write all of the blocks that are touched.
.B /appl/cmd/disk/kfscmd.b
.IR sd (3),
.IR kfs (4),
.IR mkfs (8)