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.sp |3i
.vs 12
.ll 5.1i
.in |0.4i
.fp 1 R LucidaSans
.ft 1
This book was typeset by the authors using
.ft CW
.ps -1
eqn | tbl | troff -mpm | lp -d stdout | cropmarks
.ps +1
.ft R
The input text was characters from the Unicode Standard encoded in UTF-8.
The fonts used were Lucida Sans,
in a special version incorporating over 1700 characters from the Unicode Standard,
along with Lucida Sans Italic,
Lucida Sans DemiBold, and
Lucida Typewriter,
designed by Bigelow & Holmes, Atherton, California.
The hinted Adobe Type 1 representation of the fonts was
provided by Y&Y Inc., 45 Walden Street, Concord, MA, 01742, USA.