code: 9ferno

ref: b502a62da2ec6058923db94f87ecc2d29db2fa77
dir: /module/filter.m/

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Filter: module
	DEFLATEPATH: con "/dis/lib/deflate.dis";
	INFLATEPATH: con "/dis/lib/inflate.dis";
	SLIPPATH: con "/dis/lib/slip.dis";

	Rq: adt {
		pick {
		Start =>
			pid: int;
		Fill or Result =>
			buf: array of byte;
			reply: chan of int;
		Info =>
			msg: string;
		Finished =>
			buf: array of byte;
		Error =>
			e: string;

	init: fn();
	start: fn(param: string): chan of ref Rq;