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Booting Inferno on a Cerfboard 250

This is a preliminary version (work in progress) of Inferno
on an Intrinsyc Cerfboard 250 (without daughterboard[s]).
It and ../pxa were initially the results of a fairly idle `afternoon and an evening' port.
A little work has been done on it since then.
Updates will be available shortly to complete peripheral support
(at least for the Cerfboard 250), and provide suspend mode.

It allows Inferno to boot up and take resources from the net,
chatting on the console.  I2C to the PCF8563 clock and EEPROMs is
also supported.

Substitute appropriate your own directory's name for /usr/inferno
in the following.

Build the /usr/inferno/os/cerf250 kernel into /usr/inferno/os/cerf250/icerf:
It uses common PXA25x code in ../pxa, as well as ../port etc.

Make that icerf file available to the cerf cube by tftp.  How you do that depends on
your host system.

It should then be easy:

1. Reset the cerf cube (power off/on), and quickly, during `hit a key ...'
	hit a key.

2. type
	download "/usr/inferno/os/cerf250/icerf" 0xa0020000
    with appropriate substitution for boot server and file name.

3. on success
	jump 0xa0020020

it should run.

once you're happy with it, the kernel image can replace the Linux one in flash.
i plan, however, to use my sqz code to compress it by about 50% with
fast decompression.
Fri Mar 19 16:42:07 GMT 2004