code: 9ferno

ref: c04f70e2bb4a02655bb8a6247a8f07f75ff431bd
dir: /module/wmclient.m/

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Wmclient: module
	PATH:		con "/dis/lib/wmclient.dis";

	Plain:		con 1 << iota;
	Appl:		con Resize | Hide;

	init:		fn();
	makedrawcontext: fn(): ref Draw->Context;
	window:		fn(ctxt: ref Draw->Context, title: string, buts: int): ref Window;
	snarfput:		fn(buf: string);
	snarfget:		fn(): string;
	cursorspec:	fn(img: ref Draw->Image): string;

	Window: adt{
		display:	ref Draw->Display;
		r: Draw->Rect;		# full rectangle of window, including titlebar.
		image: ref Draw->Image;
		displayr: Draw->Rect;
		ctxt: ref Draw->Wmcontext;
		bd:		int;
		focused:	int;
		ctl:		chan of string;

		# private from here:
		titlebar:	ref Tk->Toplevel;		# XXX i wish this didn't have to be visible to the application...
		tbsize: 	Draw->Point;			# size requested by titlebar.
		tbrect:	Draw->Rect;
		screen:	ref Draw->Screen;
		buttons:	int;
		ptrfocus:	int;
		saved:	Draw->Point;			# saved origin before task

		startinput:	fn(w: self ref Window, devs: list of string);
		wmctl:	fn(w: self ref Window, request: string): string;
		settitle:	fn(w: self ref Window, name: string): string;
		reshape:	fn(w: self ref Window, r: Draw->Rect);
		onscreen:	fn(w: self ref Window, how: string);
		screenr:	fn(w: self ref Window, sr: Draw->Rect): Draw->Rect;
		imager:	fn(w: self ref Window, ir: Draw->Rect): Draw->Rect;
		pointer:	fn(w: self ref Window, p: Draw->Pointer): int;