code: 9ferno

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ref: c07799d19f6b275492500c007b14407b2d98b5cc
parent: 3384fa1a04ee7075b6c77bd2f0624295d82b0341
author: henesy <unknown>
date: Thu Jun 3 17:41:00 EDT 2021

delete /dis/engridden

--- a/dis/engridden
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,10 +1,0 @@
-# If used with `run /dis/engridden`, will load public grid resources into the current namespace
-# Tailored to 
-# In loving memory of Mycroftiv's Public Grid Project
-load std
-# Pending a better registry method or otherwise
-mount -Ac tcp!!registry /mnt/registry
-mount -Ac tcp!!9990 /n/chat
-mount -Ac tcp!!9991 /n/griddisk