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ref: c22d556f7fbaa24c0b3b8dd0ad31145d39768ce0

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test -d /netlib/fp || 9fs netlib
test -d /n/hati/usr/ehg || 9fs hati

echo '/* derived from /netlib/fp/dtoa.c assuming IEEE, Standard C */' > dtoa.c
echo '/* kudos to, gripes to */' >> dtoa.c
echo '#include "lib9.h"' >> dtoa.c

sed 's/^#if defined.IEEE_8087. . defined.IEEE_MC68k.*!= 1/#ifndef IEEE_Arith/
	s/^#if defined.IEEE_8087. . defined.IEEE_MC68k.*/#ifdef IEEE_Arith/' \
		/netlib/fp/dtoa.c > /n/hati/usr/ehg/xxx.c
# undefine __STDC__ because we can't depend on HUGE_VAL
rx hati 'unifdef -UIBM -UVAX -UKR_headers -U__cplusplus -U__STDC__ -UDEBUG \
	-UBad_float_h -UJust_16 -UInaccurate_Divide -UROUND_BIASED \
	-URND_PRODQUOT -DNo_leftright -UCheck_FLT_ROUNDS -D__MATH_H__ \
	-DUnsigned_Shifts -DMALLOC=Malloc -DCONST=const \
	-DPack_32 -DIEEE_Arith xxx.c | cb -s' > xxx.c
sam -d >> dtoa.c >[2] err <<!
e xxx.c
1,/include "float\.h"\n/d
/The following definition of Storeinc/+-;/^#endif\n/d
/^#define IEEE_Arith\n/+-d
/When Pack_32 is not defined/+-;/^\n/d
,x/IEEE_8087/ c/__LITTLE_ENDIAN/
,x/^#if / c/#ifdef /
,x g/errno/d
,x/MALLOC/ c/malloc/
,x/Long/ c/long/
,x/CONST/ c/const/
cat xxx.c >> dtoa.c
rm xxx.c