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#	a few sample native ports for different architectures

cerf1110	arm	Intrinsyc SA-1110 Cerf Cube
ipaq1110	arm	Strongarm SA1110 native kernel for Compaq iPAQ 36xx
sa1110	arm	SA1110 code common to most/all SA1110 platforms (eg, ipaq, cerf)

cerf250	arm	Intrinsyc Cerfboard250 (PXA250)
gum	arm	Gumstix PXA255	not yet ready for distribution
pxa	arm	general PXA support

js	sparc	original port to Javastation-1, included as sparc example but will not build

ks32	arm	ARM Evaluator 7t demo

manga	arm	Micrel KS8695P ARM922 core with 4-port switch and PCI support

cerf405	power	Cerfcube 405EP (based on IBM 405EP processor)

ipengine	power	Bright Star Engineering ( ipEngine-1 (MPC823)
rpcg	power	RPCG-Lite MPC823/850 board
fads	power	MPC8xx FADS development board
mpc	power	code common to ports to Motorola MPC8xx boards

pc	386	basis for ports to various PC-based platforms

#			basic Inferno native kernel components
port	common	native operating system components
ip	common	Internet protocol stack, Ether and PPP media
init	common	Limbo initialisation program (run by native kernel on startup)

#	sample bootstraps
boot	-	directory of several bootstrap programs; see README there