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[-xdragon]      [-Urban Chaos- Walkthrough-] [-version 1-] [-
Playstation Version-]

This is the Glitchiest and worst playing Playstation game I have ever played and I'm sorry to say will go unfinished. If the gaming companies would take the time to make sure a game is done right in all phases of devolopment then maybe I'd finish the walkthrough. I've had it with this stupid excuse for a Playstation game and will not make a full walkthrough. Is it also so much to ask to put in save areas throughout one level instead of level to level? Maybe someone will invent a plug in or something for a system that would allow you to save wherever ya damn please in a game. This game is sorry in all aspects. The top 10 reasons not to play this game:

10. The controls suck.

9.  The cameras in close quarters are terrible.

8.  There is no way to save the game within a level. If you die you     must go back and refind all the powerups you got before dying.

7.  The shotgun ammo is few and far between making you revert to your
    puny 4 shots to kill enemies gun. ( I think a cap gun would kill     the enemies quicker than the pistol in this game.)

6.  The stealth mode is pretty much pointless as sneaking on one enemy     always brings 1 more in right behind you. When this happens then they still see you. Also shooting enemies from behind when they aren't aware you're there still takes the same amount of ammo to kill them.

5.  It's too easy to fall off of high buildings and tall structures
because the controls suck ( refer to number 10)

4.  The A-I is some of the stupidest I have ever seen as the enemies
    wait most times for you to arrest their pals before attacking.

3.  The graphics aren't anything to write home about. With grainy and
    distant graphics it adds to how lousy this game plays.

2.  The clipping isn't terrible it's beyond terrible. The game engine
    is worse than the Tomb Raider engine was and just doesen't flow
    smoothly enough with the gameplay. Lets also see some inside levels
    as in, inside of buildings.

1.  Number 1 reason this game probably sucks is probably because it was
    rushed and it has entirely tooo many bugs in it. Again I'll ask,
    isn't that what game testers are being paid to do is tell the
    devolopers what needs improvement? 
Top 10 reasons to Play the game:

10. Some of the situations are pretty cool.

9.  The shotgun makes a realistic sound that resembles that of a real

8.  Rescuing people in danger might help you devolop morality. YEah

7.  I think that's all for the top 10 list.


Cheat mode (PAL version):
Hold Triangle + Circle + Square + X and press Right during game play to
refill your energy and unlock all weapons.

Level select (PAL version):
Press L1 + R1 + Select + Start at the new game screen. All areas will
now be unlocked at the map screen.

*The above cheats are as far as I know, for PAL versions of Urban Chaos. They may still work for the NTSC versions of the game, but that's not a garuntee.* 
Now every item and powerup isn't covered in this walkthrough and I'm aware of that. Please don't email me telling me what I missed cause this game is kinda confusing at times. 
Abbreviations- UCPD: Urban Chaos Police Department.


I don't know any of the PC commands or key functions for this game, as this walkthrough was written for the Playstation console. I realize the PC version was out first,but my computer isn't compatible for that,so the Playstation version will have to do.

[-This walkthrough is  Copyright € 2000 XDragon walkthrough Guides. This took me some time to complete and is still taking me some time so please don't rip me off by posing as me to post the guide elsewhere. Anyone wishing to post my walkthrough on their website is welcome without the consent of me XDragon. Feel free to post this as you wish, but don't change or modify it in any way, shape, or form. Also before anyone plays this game make sure you are at least 18 as it contains graphic scenes of violence and Language. This may appeal to some children who aren't old enough to play the game but just remember that violence is no laughing matter. If you think it's fun to kill or maim someone in real life you are a sick, perverted individual. The first part of this walkthrough will be the weapons listing in the game. Enjoy the game and walkthrough.-]


Although you begin some missions with a weapon, you should be able to find better weapons fairly easily. You can often disarm an armed assailant during a brawl; when you see the weapon fall to the ground, walk over and press the action button to pick it up. You may also find ammo behind objects. 
Remember: Even after a weapon is in your inventory, you must select it before you can use it. 

All guns work in the same way: When a target presents itself, D'arci or Roper will auto-draw their firearm and a targeting icon will appear around the target to denote that you are aimed and ready to fire. You cannot fire until the target has appeared- the delay depends on the type of gun used and the range. If you fire before the target appears , there is a percentage  chance that you may miss your target.

When targeting , D'arci will challenge any foe in her sights. Civilians normally freeze when ordered, and lay down for search when you press the action button. Guilty suspects may run or challenge you. Be warned: The UCPD comes down hard on officers who shoot innocent people. 
Warning: A firearm can be knocked out of your hand if you are punched or kicked while holding it. 
Pistol- This is a good all-around weapon. It has good short to mid-range accuracy with a high fire rate.

Shotgun- Devestating at short-range, this weapon has a slow reload time. 
Assault Rifle- The best weapon for combat, the assault rifle has good fire rate with mid-range distance and excellent accuracy.

Pistol Clip- Pistol Clips give the pistol a full cartridge of  bullets.

Shotgun Shell- Shotgun shells vary in amount when found.

Rifle Clip- Rifle Clips give the assault rifle a full cartridge of bullets.


Hand Grenade- Press the punch button to pull the pin; Press a second time to throw. The grenade has a 6 second fuse. Once it is primed, you must throw it toward the target or be blown to bits.

Time Bomb- General-purpose explosives for all manner of demolition work. You either receive these at the start of a mission, or find them during the level. Press the punch button to place the bomb. You then have 5 seconds to clear the blast radius. These explosives have a devestating short-range blast and must be used as warrented by the mission briefing.

[-Other Weapons/Items-]

If you have a gun or run out of ammo, there are other ways to improve your chances in a street brawl. If you can disarm an opponet who is wielding a bat or a knife, you can pick them up and add them to your inventory. (Just my opinion but wouldn't this be corrupting evidence by using a criminals own weapon?)
You can also pick up large objects such as crates and drums and throw them. Press the action button while standing close to the object to pick it up. Move into position, then press a second time to throw.

Knife- A shotr-ranged weapon used in hand-to-hand combat. In the hands of an expierienced user it can be deadly on sneak attacks.

Baseball Bat- Another hand-to-hand combat weapon, used to stun or drop opponets.


Each mission has power-ups that give an immediate boost when collected. Collect power-ups during each mission to cumulatively enhance D'arci and Roper to their maximum abilities. These are espicially useful in later missions.

Medikit- Increases health by 50%.

Stamina- Restores Full health and increases your total health bar over time.

Reflexes/Accuracy- Accrues skill throughout the game. After a certain time your reaction times and shooting accuracy will improve.

Strength/Damage- Accrues power throughout the game. After a time, your character will be able to take and inflict more damage during combat.

Constitution/Speed- Delivers a short-term boost and long-term gain. Your character's overall speed and maximum running distance improve with each power-

Okay there was a moves section in the book but I decided to skip it for now and go to the main walkthrough for now. 
                                 [-Oval Circuit-]
[-Driving Bronze-]

[-Complete 3 Laps within the alloted time.-]

This first area is to test your skills and you can choose from Driving Bronze which is extremely easy since the Cruiser is easy to control. Just make 3 easy laps around the course and you'll have completed the first level.

                                [-Advanced Circuit-]
[-Driving Silver-]

[-Complete 2 laps within the alloted time.-]

 Now you'll have driving Silver so do that one next. This one I found to be a bit more tedious, just follow the arrows and turn when they show up on screen. The one part you'll have to back up and I don't understand why but you must do it on both laps. When you finally finish the second lap you must back the car into the space where you first began the race. To me it looks like Eidos made the car phiysics after a Tonka Truck. It looks and drives just like a truck.

                              [-Driving Gold-]

                 [-Complete 2 laps within the alloted time.-]

By this time the Driving Gold and Physical appear on the menu so do the Driving Gold next and get it over with.  Here you have a truck to drive around the advanced track and must stop and reverse, very senseless but you must and get around the track before the timer runs             out.  This track is a bit more difficult and I made it around the second try with 6 seconds to spare. You must do a reversal stop twice on each lap here which makes it harder. When you make it around the track and finish you must do the same reversal into the spot where you began to end this level.

                            [-Assault Course-]

You may now enter the Rat Catch or enter training. I completed the training mission with 4 seconds to spare on the second try. You must try not to hesitate on this course and make sure you use the slide thing towards the middle of the course to get full advantage. Near the end there is a lot of jumps so just try, and make it even though the controls are horribly sloppy.
                           [-Combat Center-]
                           [-Combat Bronze-]

 Completing this opens up the RTA, West District. Move now to the combat trainer if you choose and try your best to complete it. First you must simply do a slide kick to take the enemy down. Do this by pressing the O button for running and then when close to opponet press triangle to take him down. The next is a little trickier, you must get in a 3 combination punch to take the opponet down. Try throwing a few practice swings and then when you're ready approach and knock this guy down. What worked for me was I swung 2 punches and missed and the 3rd punch hit and was the charm and knocked the guy down. Next you must do a 3 kick combo with the triangle button. This is the same as the 3 punch combo from before just needing to land the last kick takes this guy down. Next is a guy you must take down and then press the action button when his health meter is blanked out and arrest him before he gets back up. Now you must approach 4 guys and they are on top of a building with a ladder if you're having trouble finding them. Use side kicks to take them down and kick 3 of the 4 guys and then the last guy just use action button and you will win this fight. 
                        [-Combat Silver-]

[-Use Your Skills to eliminate or arrest all opponet targets. Silver award pits you against waves of increasingly difficult opponets. You must defeat each wave within the time limits.-]

There is 2 guys to get in this first section so take care of them by knocking them down and then using action to throw them and arrest them. Arresting them for this area is your best bet unless you just have something to prove by beating them senseless. When the first 2 guys are down you get 3 more targets 2 guys on the ground and one on a building. Take them down the same way and get in the quick arrests and then 3 more targets and time extensions are added. Once you get these 3 guys arrested another guy is targeted. He tries running away from you so use your run/slide to take him down. Turn around quickly and make the arrest and this area is done.

[-Combat Gold-]

[-Use Your Skills to eliminate or arrest all opponet targets. Silver award pits you against waves of increasingly difficult opponets. You must defeat each wave within the time limits.-]

The basic key to this area is the same as before, just use the action and punch buttons and make an easy arrest. There then will be 4 new very easy targets and one has a gun. The first guy is by himself so take care of him easily. The next 3 one has a gun and the other 2 have weapons. Lucky for you they usually wait for you to arrest one of their buddies before attacking you. Make short work of these guys and make 4 easy arrests and then 5 new targets and a time extension is added. These next 2 guys are very evasive so try and use the gun you can get from the last guy and shoot them. The second guy you probably will have to arrest. The other 2 are as simple as putting the smack down and arresting them quickly to get another time extension and 5 new targets. ( had some troubles with this level so I will finish it in the future.)


                               [-West District-]

Okay Stern, I guess you're ready to hit the streets now, Call just came in: Reports of an abandoned car holding up traffic on Zarb Avenue. We need you to get over there pronto and return it to the station for impounding. We also got a mugging team working the area, and we need at least one of those guys caught, Thats All. 
-Bring the car back to the district station.
-Arrest at least one mugger.

To search a suspect press and hold the 0 button until the search box bleeps out. Also if you're left without a weapon or are low on health, arrest a pedestrian and search them and you just might get what you're looking for. Don't beat, maim, or kill a pedestrian as this goes against you when on different missions. 
In the station when you gain control of D'arci you can arrest the girl sitting on the chair kinda funny. Speak with the other girls that look just like the one you arrested and I don't think these other 2 are arrestable. You can beat them up a little and they run away, however. Also if you speak with the officer behind the desk he says he's gonna kick the other guys asses if they give you a hard time. Now leave the police station and speak with the officer standing out here if you like and hop the railing with the 0 button. Run to the sidewalk and speak with a guy who runs when he sees you. Run after him and so a slide kick and take his knife so you'll have a weapon. 
Most of the people on the sidewalk don't have anything interesting to say so ignore them. Go now to the park where 2 guys are standing around talking and speak with them. Go around the park area over a railing and to an area where a van is parked. Darci will see some guy pissing on a tree and you will need to do a slide kick on him. Arrest him and you will receive a strength increase. Searching this suspect doesen't yield anything useful but go ahead if you want to see for yourself. Turn around now and there is a tree in the middle area here. There is a reflexes powerup here also to get.

Leave the park now to the street and go left. Go right up the next road and get on the left side of the road along the sidewalk. Go left into an alley and go back a small ways and take a stamina powerup. Turn back around and once back to the street go left. Get to the right side of the road now and run up a small ways to an opening on the right. Take the constitution powerup and now all statistics have been increased by 1. Once to the street run left up a small ways and you're back at the park. Run up this road a ways until you see an alley, so run into it and an the dispatcher radios to you that there has been a homicide.

Run up the alley a bit and you will be right at the scene of the homicide. Speak with the people there and then search the dead guy if you want to. Turn around after searching the guy and then go left near a green dumpster is another constitution powerup to take. Go through the alley and then go right up the street and then another right. The dispatcher radios that he has found the mugger and to get on it quick. Now for the sake of keeping this walkthrough in check follow the red arrow to the car crash site first. Once to the taxi car you gotta get in it and take it to the compound yard.

Take it back to the Police station and the guy will say RTA vehicle secured. Now follow the mugger arrow and when you find him use the slide kick to knock him down. Quickly get on him and use the O button to arrest him and this level is complete. I will only cover the areas that are sufficient to complete the levels. There is other stuff to check on in most levels but they aren't necessary aspects of completing the game. Save if you like and then enter the RTA: The Jump.


[-The Jump-]

Stern I gotta tell you today's been a weird day. Get this- There's a jumper hanging off a building off of Keaton Ave., Get over there and get him down- but Darci, do it subtle. O'Byrne says the guy's as nervous as a turkey at Thanksgiving_ wont let anyone approach him directly. We need this kook taken out of trouble. If the press gets hold of this they'll hang our asses out to dry.

-Bring down the suicide threat.

Watch the cut-scene and then leave the station going right and run up the street a ways. You'll get a call to head to Kleetus Ave. so follow the blue arrow there. Speak with the cop and you'll find out his car was stolen. Follow the green arrow now that is to Brooks tower and climb the ladder to the top. Once up here go right, climbing the small ledges and then jump over a duct sticking out. When you land walk forward to an opening on the left and to the left is a strength, constitution and a another strength powerup. CLimb the ladder to the left now and go to the top. Up here is another strength powerup for you to get and you should be at 4 with strenght. Go up the ladder and then take a right or left to another open section of the roof. Back here is another ladder to climb so climb it and near the ledge is a reflex powerup. Best way to get it is to crouch and crawl to it to avoid falling down.

Jump up on the wire here and slide while remembering to hold the X button until Darci lands. When she lands walk up a small ways and a cut-scene with the loser wannabe fireman ensues. This level is completed and you can now save the game. 

[-Gun Hunt-]

An honest citizen has informed us that he saw a man dumping a firearm at the back of the Eagle building. He can't remember the exact spot so you'll need to search the area for the weapon. This weapon may be linked to a recent murder, so it is imperative that you bring it back to the station once found.

-Find weapon and bring it back to the station.

This time you get to use a cruiser so choose from the 2 that are parked here and then follow the green arrow. When you get to the open fenced area you must leave the vehicle and go on pursuit by foot. Speak with everyone in the park. Deeks is in the middle section of the park and looks kinda like Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard. Speak with him and then follow the blue arrow. Make sure you get back in your crusier too as it's more convienient to drive then run. Follow the arrow to an alley and enter here and climb the ladder in this area. Once to the top a guy runs after you so use triangle to take him down and take a health pack if you want to. Fall back down into the alley now and go around through it and on the left behind a dumpster is a gun. Take the gun and then run up the alley a ways and the dispatcher says to take out an armed guy. 
Follow the green arrow and equip the gun you got to kill the bad guy once you find him. Once he's dead you must go back to the district so follow the red arrow there. When you turn around and run up the street another call comes in about another suspect in a diner. Follow the green arrow to the diner and then once you encounter number 2 and take him down by arresting him the other runs in after you. Take care of number 2 by arresting him also and then search both suspects. Head over to the district by following the red arrow. Before entering the district area if you choose speak to the guy standing near the tree on the sidewalk. He'll give you a healthpack and now run towards the district and the level ends.


[-Trouble In The Park-]

Darci- You gotta get your ass over to Bushy Park- Theres been a whole bunch of gang-banger loitering with intent,residents are getting nervous, they think things are going to explode any minute.

-Attend disturbance in park.

Follow the green arrow in a cruiser and on the way there is a crazy guy shooting for no apparent reason so either run him over or get out and fight him and arrest him. Near the park is an alley and some thugs to run over. Allow the cruiser to fight these battles by going forward and in reverse to inflict more damage. Get out when the thugs get very low on energy and fight them until you can make an easier arrest. Drive to the park now and exit the vehicle and a guy says to stay out. Once in the middle area of the park there is 3 enemies to fight and it's extremely easy to defeat and arrest them as when one is down the other 2 wait for you to cuff the first and so on. A cut-scene ensues and a guy runs in behind you. He helps you out and you only need to fight 2 more guys that run in from behind. Another cut-scene ensues and you find out the mystery man is Roper. This ends the level and now you can save if you like.


                                 [-Baseball Ground-]         [-Gatecrasher-]

Stern, we got a tip off of a meet going down in the grounds of the UC "Black Cats" Stadium, Our switch says that 3 gang leaders are meeting to carve up their turf after the recent gang wars in Bushy Park, We need At least One of these gang bosses brought in and worked over, Darci- The rest,Well,we wont complain if you bust a few heads.. Heh Heh.

-Arrest at least 1 of the gang bosses.

Turn around and head around the corner on the sidewalk and when you get near a phone booth a gangster apporaches from the rear. Beat him up or just arrest him and take the gun ammo to add to yours. Go left into the small alley near the ladder and another gangster approaches from the right so take him out. Another apporaches soon after so take him down or just arrest him. Climb the ladder to the lower roof and then just jump up to the taller roof. Get the gangster here and then search him to receive a pistol and some extra ammo.

Equip the pistol and another gangster bearing a weapon approaches from the left so shoot him. Hop off the building or take the ladder down to the street. Go left up the road and cross to the right side when theres no traffic. In the alley to the right is a health pack if you need it. Turn back around and head out of the alley and another gangster is here so take him down. Cross the street and 2 more gangsters are around to take care of them and collect the ammo and knife off of the 2 thugs. Run right up the road and right in front of the police district 2 more thugs charge at you so take care of them. Head up the road and take out another gangster and then speak with Officer Mills if you like.

Head now to the rear entrance and to the right is a sidewalk so walk down it behind the steel bar fence and take the stamina powerup. A gangster appears behind you so get him and then head out this direction and take a right back on the street. Get the gangster here and he gives you a 50% health medpack. Now head up to the street to another alley and a car is parked here. An old man looking just like Deeks comes out and gets all mad about you being near his car. A gangster runs in from behind so take him out and then the old man. You'll get radioded from dispatch that you made a good arrest.

Now head to a back alley with the truck and a regular cruiser parked near an alley. Walk back in the alley and speak with one of the officers. 3 gangsters approach from behind and the other 2 officers will assist you. One gangster has a shotgun so collect it and then head right and the other 2 officers will follow you. Another gangster approaches and then once he's beat the other 2 guys commend you so now search all visible suspects. Turn around now and in this back alley is a reflexes powerup and a Constitution powerup. Jump up the green dumpster here and climb the ledge here to find some ammo for the gun. Turn left on the same ledge and take a med-pack towards the left and back of the ledge.

Fall off this ledge and the first green dumpster on the left, climb up. Get to this ledge and take the ammo clip here and then fall off this ledge to the ground. Head now in the police vehicle to the rear access near the steps leading up and now you must exit the vehicle. Go up the steps and enter the doorway after taking care of the gangster guarding it. This building is some sort of store and you can arrest the people here just for kicks but nothing important in here. Leave here and hop the fence and another gangster is here so beat him up. Turn right now and a med-pack is ahead and to the left near the fence so get it. Another gangster jumps down so take him out and he has a med-pack too in case you need it. 
Run up the street now and take your first right into a park and a building is here. Run to the right and to the rear of the building is a constitution powerup. Turn around now after getting that and fight another gangster here, take his health pack if you need to. Head back to the street and to the right a small ways down is another alley with a large box and a small box. Enter the alley and get some ammo and then leave this alley. Run up the street a ways and straight back on the right sidewalk is an alley. Enter here and she will say God whats that smell? Walk to the back left part of this alley and search the decaying body. Get the shotgun and then beat up the gangster that apporaches from behind.

Turn around and leave the alley and get the gangster that runs up to you. Turn right and head up the road to another type of alley that has a big fence at the end. Go to the end and a cut-scene ensues and you need to head to the club. Go to the street and run up the sidewalk until you see some stairs going up. Go up the stairs and speak with the people who are standing outside. A gangster runs up from behind so beat him before he starts injuring innocent people. Enter the club now and hear the crappy disco music. Speak with the guy standing around next to the guy dancing to get a laugh. The dancing dude doesen't speak so head into the main area of the club. 
If you want the character to dance don't touch the controls for a while and she starts groovin too. Go to the bar and speak with the drunk and then the bartender behind the counter. Go to the balcony near the last dancer girl and talk to Mister Clobby boots and a cut-scene ensues. Leave the club and head up the road past the main entrance to an alley nearby. Run up the steps and kill enemies and then head around to a roof area near a ladder and climb up here. Once on the roof jump to the other roof and one around this ledge is stamina power-up. Now remember that place I mentioned didn't mean anything where you could arrest those people for kicks? Head back to it and speak with Wild Bill so you can enter the alley that is the back entrance to the ball field.

Hop over the railing after exiting the resturant and beat up the gangster which leads Bill to speak to you giving you the go ahead. By this time you'll be radioed by dispatch about an armed assailant. Run towards the white arrow and it takes you seconds to find the armed suspect. I got him from behind when he was shooting at an innocent and snapped his neck. Arrest him and you'll be rewarded by either strength or stamina I can't remember which. Get in the squad car near the alley and then drive to where the back alley near the club was. As soon as you get out a gangster apporaches so either get back in the car and run him over multiple times or just beat him up and make the easy arrest.

Enter the alley now open and behind the second green dumpster along the right wall is some ammo. Climb the dumpster and there is a health pack up here. Turn the red knob up here and then head left along this small ledge and take a right and then jump left and you'll see how friggin awkward the controls for this game are. Once making the jump left jump up the next ledge and to the left is a ladder to climb up. Once up top take out the bad guy and then go right jumping to the lower roof. Over here go around the building and if you see a ladder to the left then ignore it. The DAMN controls are so damn poor and sloppy I fell down to my death naturally. It's damn amazing that it's the littlest things that make a game so unplayable as this. Lousy controls just lousy. Anyways head to the right side and get the grenade down here. 
Fall down to the bleachers section now and hop the fence and head to the parking lot killing 2 thugs on your way. Get in either the taxi cab or any vehicle and take a left and hit the guy up here. Just go nuts and shoot everyone in sight up here. Head to the infield where 2 vans are parked and this is the final showdown. Note that there is 4 crime bosses here so you'll only need to take down one with fists and arrest and the level will end. Save now if you like and go to.

                            [-Rio Canal-]
[-Arms Breaker-]

Stern, we may have got a break. We got confirmed reports that the 'Cats have 2 arms caches somewhere in your sector-that means you have to handle this on your own! Find out where the Hell those weapons are kept before that pain in the ass Gordansky and UCNN broadcast our screw-up all over the state.

-Destroy the 2 caches of weapons.

Beginning the level speak with the Hot Dog vendor and listen to his smart remarks and arrest him for being such a smart ass. Turn around and behind a tree on the right is a health pack so take or remember this spot when needed. Now follow the red marker to where Roper is. Cross the road when safe and behind the building near the water over the railing is 3 gangsters so get them. One has a health pack on him if you get too badly hurt. If you got really injured go to the beginning of the level now and take the health pack that's up here. Turn back around and head for Roper which is the red marker. 
Equip your pistol and when you make a right to the next street another gangster approaches so shoot him. Follow the red marker to where Roper is and he gives you some explosives. Now go to an alley with a do not enter sign in front of it and back here you'll fight a gangster. In the Pissy hideout behind some couches is a stamina power-up. Leave that alley and take your first right to the street and an immediate right to another alley. Beat up 3 bad guys here and arrest the main bad guy to neutrilize the threat to the citizen being beaten.

Turn right and go up the ladder and take a constitution power-up at the top. Hop back to the ground and leave this alley the same way you entered back to the street. Look for a building nearby with a guy standing around and he'll say Damn for no reason. Head back to an alley and there is a ladder to the left. Climb the ladder and get some ammo and then fall back to the ground. Head to the right side of this area and climb another ladder and receive a strength power-up. Across the street is an alley with an exclamation point sign. Enter here and there is some funny business happening in an alley. A hooker and a horny dude are doing it and they get caught. Arrest the hooker for kicks and then a gangster is around the corner to the right. Beat him up or arrest him and take his gun. Turn right up the next alley and back here a guy is taking a leak.

2 gangsters attack from the rear and peeing man runs away so beat the gangsters up and take ones ammo by searching. Turn around and go up the steps and take some ammo up here. Go left now and hop the fence and to the right is a van you can get in and drive around if you choose. Go back to where you began the level near all the cabs and across the road is an alley on the right. Back in the alley a ways is some more explosives to take. Go back to the alley where you got the van from and right where it was parked is a ladder that's too high to reach on the right. Drive the van under the ladder and then climb on the van and jump and climb the ladder. There is a gangster up here so beat him up and then continue onward. 
Follow the blue marker now and continue across the metal catwalk till you get to a ladder so fall here. Go left around the building and there is some explosives to get. Go back where you landed and up here is some big crates that in the cut-
scene before starting this level showed. Use the explosives on these crates to blow this weapon cache. Now head back to where you first began the level near the cabs and eliminate the pick-up team. Head back to where you used the van as a stoop to climb the ladder and then reclimb it again. Instead of going the way where you blew up the last cache, now go left when you reach the top of the building. Fall down off the roof and fight one guy. There is a van back here and just behind it is the last weapons cache so blow it up and complete the level. Make sure you use the explosives to blow up the cache thats the only way to end the level.


                                [-Southside Beach-]
                                [-Media Trouble-]

Stern, that dumb-ass reporter Gordansky snooped a bit too close to the Wild Cats, and got herself collared for her trouble. This is urgent, we need you on the scene ASAP- get Gordansky back to the station and teach those damn Wild Cats a lesson while you're at it. I don't think I need to tell you what a crucifying we'd get from UCNN if we fail on this one...!

-Get Gordansky back to the station.

Get the Strenght powerup near the edge of the roof and then use the wire to slide down to a lower building. Turn left now and walk to the edge of the roof. On the other side is a water pump to jump over to so jump there. Once on this side head to the right corner and slide down the wire to the road. Turn right and head straight till you get to the corner where you can make a left. See the red Marker that says Roper on it? Head for Roper now, he's next to a fountain with 2 Basilisks in the center up some stairs. When you're done speaking with him, turn around and beat up the gangster behind you. 
Turn back around now and run in Ropers direction passing him and hop the fence back here. Cross the road at the crosswalk till you get to the right side of the road. To make sure you're following correctly stop when you cross the road and face left. If I'm correct you should see a street sign with interstate 35 on it to the left and behind you. Turn around now and beat up the thug behind you. Turn back around and head up the sidewalk until you see a mailbox near a break in the guard rails of the road. When you go to turn left here some thugs approach from behind so beat them up. Head up the sidewalk until you can go left and head down this street. 
When you get near a iron looking fence to the right then hop over the smaller fence where there is some grass and a tree. Head up this way and Darci will swear about them covering the back way too. Run straight up here a small ways and quickly shoot 2 guys with M-16's that come running after you. Go around the tall fance to yout left with barbed wire at the top. Go right and get near the right wall just under the porch of the beach house. Make yourself seen at the next corner and then run back and hide by the wall. Wait for the jerk with the M-16 comes around and then blast him. If you didn't listen to what I had said you might have killed the reporter, Gordansky by accident. 
Keep this stupid broad on the sidewalks at all times and away from the alleys and such. She's just a flower and is easily killed so don't try running either as she is a slow person too. Follow the Green marker to the police station and the level ends after a cut-scene. The best way to get to the station is just use the sidewalks. Cross the street when you need to but make sure nothing is coming or she'll get hit. If you encounter any guys with guns make sure you stop and have Gordansky covered or it's level over. 
                           [-West District-]
                           [-Urban Shakedown-]

You may have hit the jackpot with that last collar, Stern. The big badass gang boss you brought in squeled like a stuck pig one O'Byrne and Kowalski went to work on him in the cell. Apparently the Wildcats got an itching to take over this part of Union City. We don't know why this area's so important to them, but it seems like the 'Cats are assembling a virtual gang-banger ARMY to sweep across the area, get your butt on the streets and give them all a proper UCPD welcome!

-Eliminate All Wild Cats.

Speak with Officer Schwartz and he will help you on this level.
Equip your gun right away at the start of the level and head right and cross the street and shoot the guy here. A small opening is here with a powerup so take it. Follow the arrow up the road a bit till you encounter 4 bad guys. When you begin shooting 1 guy runs away so take the 3 down quickly. Run towards the last guy and he heads into an alley. There is flashing things on the ground and they are explosives that will kill you. Hop over them and make the last kill and time is extended and new targets are now needed to take down. 
Go right up the road and forget the gun now cause it slows you down and runs out of ammo quickly. There is a guy on the right side of the street and after that a guy on the left side so take them out first. Collect ammo and then on the right sidewalk is 2 more guys to take down so do that. Across the street still on the right is a shotgun guy so do a slide technique and quickly make the arrest. Follow the white marker down a ways until you can enter an alley to the right. Avoid the bombs on the ground and when you make your first right JUMP. 4 guys to take down now so hurry and beat them up or shoot them.

After they are finished you have more extended time and more targets, respectively. Leave this alley the way you entered and cross the road and climb the fence. Once over it equip a good weapon and take out the 2 shotgun dudes in this area and get some good shotgun ammo. Shoot another guy that jumps the fence near another exit and another to the right near the exit. Turn back around and enter the park again and to the right is another shotgun dude so shoot him. Time is extended and more targets are added. Follow the blue marker a little ways up and take down 2 guys near the park once again.

Re-enter the alley from earlier or the last time your time was extended. There is a ladder here so climb it and go left and fall off the small ledge of roof. Here, there is a fence to climb so climb over it and run back a small ways. Shoot or take down 4 guys here, if you choose to shoot them the shotgun takes 4 shots to bring each one down. Better just to arrest these guys. Once you take them all down your time is once again extended and guess what? More targets what else? Follow the red and blue markers past an alley with a exclamation mark on it. To the right just as you're exiting the alley is 2 more enemies here so take them down or have schwartz do it. Follow the white and green markers now. 
Now run up the road a bit and another guy pops out so get him. Up a small ways is your final guy in an alley so either shoot him or let Schwartz do the dirty work for you. This ends the level so save if you like.


                                [-Auto Destruct-]

Jeez Darci, Terrorists have planted a car bomb in Union City! But those damn gangs have covered the area, and we can't get our bomb disposal teams in there to diffuse it! We need you to use your fighting skills to get into the area and your driving skills to get out! Feel up to it kid?

-Get the car bomb back to the engineers.

Ignore all bad guys here and run like the wind to the first car, just remember to follow the colored markers to find it. Get in the car and when you drive off a van might try and block your way so swerve right to avoid him. Swerve left immediately afterwards as to avoid the guy with a shotgun shooting at the car. Drive back to the police station and park it in the pyloned area next to the truck and then leave the vehicle. Another coded call is patched through so now follow the next marker to the next car. Again you'll want to avoid the guys around by not fighting anyone as time is crucial here.

When you bring this car back you just need to park it in the pyloned area in the road instead. The bombers are spotted now so leave the car if you haven't already and follow the blue marker to the bomber. Once you get to the bombers take them down and a regular enemy may be here too. Fight them and arrest all of them and now you must follow the new blue marker to the Wild Cat den. Search the green dumpster on the left wall in the back of the alley for the video. The rusty one has nothing so head to first set in the alley. Head back to the Sarge which is the white marker and speak with him and this short level comes to an end so save if you choose.


                                [-Botanical Gardens-]
                                [-Grim Gardens-]

Sgt. Bryant was investigating drugs ring downtown for the last 2 months. 3 days ago, some scumbag from inside the force tipped off the dealers and quickly stashed the narcotics, worth in excess of $3 million, inside the Botanical Gardens. Word has reached us that gang groups are loitering around the gardens, ready to swoop and take them from under our noses. This is personal between us and them. Darci- we want to hit them where it hurts- when you find the stashes, destroy the poison!

-Destroy both narcotics supplies.

Cross the street and speak with Gordansky and she'll tip you off about the location of the explosives. Head up the road near where you began and there is a black van parked near a building. You can get in the van and drive it around if you like. The building is actually a gas station so that will help you find it even better. Before going on a Sunday drive however, Speak with the 2 guys standing on the street corner right where you began the level. After speaking with the last guy a armed suspect that has gunned down a officer is spotted. Now enter the van and follow the white marker to the suspect. Once you gain up to him either run him over to take him down the first time, or leave the vehicle and arrest him with brute force. Don't kill the guy either even though he killed a fellow officer. 
Head back towards the van but don't ger in it yet, instead walk up the steps where the resturant is and near the downed officer is a reflexes powerup. Head back to the gas station where you got the van and across the street is a tall wall to park near. Park the van over here and jump on it to climb the wall and you're in the area to get the explosives. Once you fall down this area you'll see a big opening to the right but don't go this way yet. Head around the doorway back and to the left and take out the grenade dude and take his grenade. 
Now in this room is 2 switches on the right wall so go ahead and activets them. Enter the closer gate to the left and up the steps is 4 guys to take down. Further back and left is an elevator but it doesen't work so now turn back around. Now head to the big opening I mentioned not to take earlier. By this time you'll see a white power switch marker so follow it it's white. Run around this area and enter the center stairway and go up it. Turn right at the top of the steps and go down a smaller set of steps. Face left and you'll a switch on a wall next to a ladder so activate it and the life works now.

Climb the ladder now and get a stamina powerup at the top. Follow the explosives marker that is in red and take the explosives that are down a set of steps close to where you are now. Once taken you get a call from the chief about Koots so leave this area at the now main gates that are opened if you activated the switch like I instructed. Get in the van that's just around the left corner while running on the sidewalk. Follow the red marker to the next suspect and run this guy over. Quickly leave the van and make the arrest or if he gets up beat him to submission. Head back to where the gardens are and just for kicks make sure you take the van and enter the gate. Take your first right in the switch room and then past this opened gate and drive up the steps till you can go no further.

Leave the vehicle and go to where the elevator is which is back and to the left. On your way there take out a wildcat and then hop on the elevator. Once up top here run out and from the left a guy runs after you so use the slide kick deal and arrest him. Search him and take his grenade. Back and to the left is another guy so shoot him but don't even think of searching him. The damn game screwed me when I tried walking a teency bit forward when close to this guy and I fell over the fence and friggin died. Head right and climb the ladder and to the right of the ledge here on the roof is another elevator to get on. Once at the bottom of this elevator a gangster with a knife fights you.

Get him whichever way you choose and then back and to the left of this room is the first stash of drugs. Switch to explosives and place it close to the boxes and then run away and you now only have 1 more stash left. CLimb the ladder and then when going left jump on the box sticking up. Land on the steel catwalk and cross it and then jump left and collect the Stamina Powerup here. Go right along the small catwalk and be careful these friggin controls are for the birds as it takes small effort to fall here and have to go back and redo this entire part again. Turn right and then jump to the other roof and go down the ladder. Fight 3 guys here and destroy the other stash of drugs here and the level ends. Save if you like.


                                [-Southside Beach-]

Just go on the beat, but be careful. The underworld seems to be seething with rumors that the wildcats are planning something big for this section of Southside UC. Oh, we also got a call from your snitch, Deeks. Says he wants to meet you to pass on some "personal info". Hell if I know what he means!

[-Duties-] -Meet Deeks.

Follow the red Deeks marker and meet up with him. Once speaking with him some Wildcats show up so you must fight them. Speak with Deeks after getting rid of the Wildcats and then follow the Red Marker to Officer Molko. Speak with Molko and he says speak with Roper so cross the road and speak with him. Take the shotgun and then follow Roper and he is a very slow runner. The first 2 guys are easy so allow Roper to take them down. Now equip the shotgun and you'll go into an alley with many wildcats so help Roper take them out. Climb the ladder up the fire escape and then turn right and climb another ladder. Turn around once up here and jump to the other side. Go along the walk and head right to an opening in the roof to another roof and jump over here. Take the stamina powerup thats over here.

Turn right now and head up the large steps and take the constitution powerup over here. Jump to the other building now and then hop on the large box. Hop up the other box and take another constitution powerup. Head back down the way you came up and follow the green Semtex marker. Go to a fence with barbed wire and an opening and this is where you'll need to be. Roper radios you so when you hear Roper speak with you you'll know your in the right area. Walk in a small ways and some guy says there aint nothin here for you copper. Fight 5 bad guys here and collect all ammo. Turn around and on a crate a small ways up is a health pack so take it if needed. Turn back around now and head through a gate and be prepared. There is a ton of Wildcats here and they won't always wait for you to arrest their buddies.

Take care of them whichever way you wish and then head around to where there is lots more wildcats. Take them out and then go back and up the ramped area and shoot another guy behind some barrels. About this time you'll find out who's been tipping the Wildcats off. Shoot him when the cut-scene ends and then hop up where he was standing and then to the left another Wildcat hops down so take him out. Run up a small ways and an open area to the right houses a reflex powerup. Shoot another guy by the ladder going down and then go down yourself. Once down here go up the sloped and flush out all opposition surrounding the building in the middle.

The first building you went around has a barrel in the back of it so shoot it and the green marker will dissappear. Shoot more Wildcats and kill em all baby. Head to the furthest building back now and shoot the barrel here and the level ends. Save if you choose.


                               [-Rio Canal-]
                               [-Cop Rescue-]

Damn Wildcats have Us against the wall, Officer Stern! They say they've got 2 UCPD officers held, and are claiming they are gonna shoot them if we don't leave them alone. We can't let the uniform down like this Stern! This is a top priority case for a rookie, Stern, but I got faith in you lady- get Johnson and Beck out of there unharmed, or else you'll lose your badge. 
-Bring both officers back to safety.

Just my opinion but isn't this sarge just a bit harsh saying she'll lose her badge. All the good she's done in the game thusfar and the jerk still calls her a rookie. Obviuosly this would be based on a game or a movie cause otherwise Darci would already have had the sarges job. 
Turn around when you gain control of Darci and there is an alley with 2 green dumpsters. Enter this alley and back a small ways is a constitution powerup. Turn around once again and another alley just to the right and behind the police vehicles is another alley to enter. Go up the ladder and up here is a reflexes powerup. Run right now when you turn around and jump to the other side of the building and jump up the middle area and get a strength powerup. Hop off the ledge now and go up and left and receive a ammo clip/bullet. Hop off the building safely and run along the sidewalk and shoot some WIldcats. Head up a smaller ways and shoot another cat. Hop the fence and take the reflexes powerup in this fenced in area.

Go to where a long level ago there was a switch that opened a gate so hit the switch and get the powerup here. Now head back to the safe zone and make your way to a resturant and shoot 2 guys inside. Behind the counter is a stamina powerup so take it. Follow the red marker now and make your way through the alleys. This part with the alleys is really tough so be aware of your surroundings and pretty much just blast everyone ya see. Just about every Wildcat is armed with a shotgun and they move in quickly. Best way to rid them is to try and make very quick arrests. Take their ammo and stock up so you can use more ammo later in this level. When you finally find the officer you'll get control of Roper. Roper should have been the main character in this game in my opinion. He's much faster and wayyy tougher. Follow the blue marker to where Beck is.

He will be unconscious in an alley and you must carry him back to the station. When you meet up with more Wildcats on the way to the station use the action button to put Beck down so you can take care of business. Don't go too far away from Beck when fighting cause you need him to complete the level. The best method when carrying Beck is to just stay on the sidewalks and avoid fighting. When you encounter some Wildcats, run in a zig zag pattern to avoid being hit till you make it to the parker police vehicles. You make it here with Roper and now you must make it back with This other guy. It'd make it easier if this guy was unconscious too that way you wouldn't worry about him dying.

Okay go up the alley exit and shoot the 1 land mine to blow them all up or your officer guy gets you both blown to smithereens.