code: 9ferno

ref: caef73363f896a1405ce6b9b6435f91e47a9b188
dir: /include/interp.h/

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typedef uchar		BYTE;		/* 8  bits */
/* moved the WORD and UWORD to 9front/amd64/include/u.h
	with the goal of making it architecture specific */
/*typedef int		WORD;*/		/* 32 bits */
/*typedef unsigned int	UWORD;*/		/* 32 bits */
typedef vlong		LONG;		/* 64 bits */
typedef uvlong		ULONG;		/* 64 bits */
typedef double		REAL;		/* 64 double IEEE754 */
typedef short		SHORT;		/* 16 bits */
typedef float		SREAL;		/* 32 float IEEE754 */

enum ProgState
	Palt,				/* blocked in alt instruction */
	Psend,				/* waiting to send */
	Precv,				/* waiting to recv */
	Pdebug,				/* debugged */
	Pready,				/* ready to be scheduled */
	Prelease,			/* interpreter released */
	Pexiting,			/* exit because of kill or error */
	Pbroken,			/* thread crashed */

	propagator	= 3,		/* gc marking color */

	PRNSIZE	= 1024,
	BIHASH	= 23,
	PQUANTA	= 2048,	/* prog time slice */

	/* STRUCTALIGN is the unit to which the compiler aligns structs. */
	/* It really should be defined somewhere else */
	STRUCTALIGN = sizeof(intptr)	/* must be >=2 because of Strings */

	/* Prog and Progs flags */
	Ppropagate = 1<<0,	/* propagate exceptions within group */
	Pnotifyleader = 1<<1,	/* send exceptions to group leader */
	Prestrict = 1<<2,	/* enforce memory limits */
	Prestricted = 1<<3,
	Pkilled = 1<<4,
	Pprivatemem = 1<<5	/* keep heap and stack private */

typedef struct Alt	Alt;
typedef struct Channel	Channel;
typedef struct Progq	Progq;
typedef struct Import	Import;
typedef struct ILock	ILock;
typedef struct Inst	Inst;
typedef struct Module	Module;
typedef struct Modlink	Modlink;
typedef struct Modl	Modl;
typedef struct Type	Type;
typedef struct Prog	Prog;
typedef struct Progs	Progs;
typedef struct Heap	Heap;
typedef struct Link	Link;
typedef struct List	List;
typedef struct Array	Array;
typedef struct String	String;
typedef union  Linkpc	Linkpc;
typedef struct REG	REG;
typedef struct Frame	Frame;
typedef union  Stkext	Stkext;
typedef struct Atidle	Atidle;
typedef struct Altc	Altc;
typedef struct Except Except;
typedef struct Handler Handler;

struct ILock
	int	lk;
	int	pid;
	void*	ql;

struct Frame
	Inst*		lr;	/* REGLINK isa.h */
	uchar*		fp;	/* REGFP */
	Modlink*	mr;	/* REGMOD */
	Type*		t;	/* REGTYPE */

union Stkext
	uchar	stack[1];
	struct {
		Type*	TR;	/* type register */
		uchar*	SP;	/* nil or prior stack extent's pointer to next available space */
		uchar*	TS;	/* nil or prior stack extent's pointer to the last space */
		uchar*	EX;	/* nil or pointer to prior Stackext */
		union {
			uchar	fu[1];
			Frame	fr[1];
		} tos;
	} reg;

struct Array
	WORD	len;
	Type*	t;
	Array*	root;
	uchar*	data;

struct List
	List*	tail;
	Type*	t;
	WORD	data[1];

struct Channel
	Array*	buf;		/* For buffered channels - must be first */
	Progq*	send;		/* Queue of progs ready to send */
	Progq*	recv;		/* Queue of progs ready to receive */
	void*	aux;		/* Rock for devsrv */
	void	(*mover)(void);	/* Data mover */
	union {
		WORD	w;
		Type*	t;
	} mid;
	int	front;	/* Front of buffered queue */
	int	size;		/* Number of data items in buffered queue */

struct Progq
	Prog*	prog;
	Progq*	next;
struct String
	int	len;		/* string length */
	int	max;		/* maximum length in representation */
	char*	tmp;
	union {
	#define	Sascii	data.ascii
	#define Srune	data.runes
		char	ascii[STRUCTALIGN];	/* string.c relies on having extra space (eg, in string2c) */
		Rune	runes[1];

union Linkpc
	void	(*runt)(void*);
	Inst*	pc;

struct Link
	int	sig;
	Type*	frame;
	Linkpc	u;
	char	*name;

typedef union	Adr	Adr;
union Adr
	WORD	imm;
	WORD	ind;
	Inst*	ins;
	struct {
		ushort	f;	/* First indirection */	
		ushort	s;	/* Second indirection */
	} i;

struct Inst
	uchar	op;
	uchar	add;
	ushort	reg;
	Adr	s;
	Adr	d;

struct Altc
	Channel*	c;
	void*		ptr;

struct Alt
	intptr	nsend;
	intptr	nrecv;
	Altc	ac[1];

struct Type
	int	ref;
	void	(*free)(Heap*, int);
	void	(*mark)(Type*, void*);
	int	size;
	int	np;
	void*	destroy;
	void*	initialize;
	uchar	map[STRUCTALIGN];

struct REG
	Inst*		PC;		/* Program counter */
	uchar*		MP;		/* Module data */
	uchar*		FP;		/* Frame pointer */
	uchar*		SP;		/* Stack pointer */
	uchar*		TS;		/* Top of allocated stack */
	uchar*		EX;		/* Extent register */
	Modlink*	M;		/* Module */
	int		IC;		/* Instruction count for this quanta */
	Inst*		xpc;		/* Saved program counter */
	void*		s;		/* Source */
	void*		d;		/* Destination */
	void*		m;		/* Middle */
	WORD		t;		/* Middle temporary */
	WORD		st;		/* Source temporary */
	WORD		dt;		/* Destination temporary */

struct Progs
	int	id;
	int	flags;
	Progs*	parent;
	Progs*	child;
	Progs*	sib;
	Prog*	head;	/* live group leader is at head */
	Prog*	tail;

struct Prog
	REG		R;		/* Register set */
	Prog*		link;		/* Run queue */
	Channel*		chan;	/* Channel pointer */
	void*		ptr;		/* Channel data pointer */
	enum ProgState	state;		/* Scheduler state */
	char*		kill;		/* Set if prog should error */
	char*		killstr;	/* kill string buffer when needed */
	int		pid;		/* unique Prog id */
	int		quanta;		/* time slice */
	ulong	ticks;		/* time used */
	int		flags;		/* error recovery flags */
	Prog*		prev;
	Prog*		next;
	Prog*	pidlink;	/* next in pid hash chain */
	Progs*	group;	/* process group */
	Prog*	grpprev;	/* previous group member */
	Prog*	grpnext;	/* next group member */
	void*	exval;	/* current exception */
	char*	exstr;	/* last exception */
	void		(*addrun)(Prog*);
	void		(*xec)(Prog*);

	void*		osenv;

struct Module
	int	ref;		/* Use count */
	int	compiled;	/* Compiled into native assembler */
	ulong	ss;		/* Stack size */
	ulong	rt;		/* Runtime flags */
	ulong	mtime;		/* Modtime of dis file */
	Qid		qid;		/* Qid of dis file */
	ushort	dtype;		/* type of dis file's server*/
	uint	dev;	/* subtype of dis file's server */
	int	nprog;		/* number of instructions */
	Inst*	prog;		/* text segment */
	uchar*	origmp;		/* unpolluted Module data */
	int	ntype;		/* Number of type descriptors */
	Type**	type;		/* Type descriptors */
	Inst*	entry;		/* Entry PC */
	Type*	entryt;		/* Entry frame */
	char*	name;	/* Implements type */
	char*	path;		/* File module loaded from */
	Module*	link;		/* Links */
	Link*	ext;		/* External dynamic links, 
				   list of functions exported by this module */
	Import**	ldt;	/* Internal linkage descriptor tables,
				   lists of functions imported by the current 
				   module by module */
	Handler*	htab;	/* Exception handler table */
	uintptr*	pctab;	/* dis pc to code pc when compiled */
	void*	dlm;		/* dynamic C module */

struct Modl
	Linkpc	u;		/* PC of Dynamic link */
	Type*	frame;		/* Frame type for this entry */
	char	*name;		/* name from the Link structure for
					debugging info. could end
					up being a dangling pointer
					if destroylinks() takes 
					down the underlying Link
					structure? */

struct Modlink
	uchar*	MP;		/* Module data for this instance */
	Module*	m;		/* The real module */
	int	compiled;	/* Compiled into native assembler */
	Inst*	prog;		/* text segment */
	Type**	type;		/* Type descriptors */
	uchar*	data;		/* for dynamic C modules */
	int	nlinks;		/* ?apparently required by Java */
	Modl	links[1];

/* must be a multiple of 8 bytes */
struct Heap
	int	color;		/* Allocation color */
	ulong	ref;
	Type*	t;
	ulong	hprof;	/* heap profiling */

struct	Atidle
	int	(*fn)(void*);
	void*	arg;
	Atidle*	link;

struct Import
	int	sig;
	char*	name;

struct Except
	char*	s;
	uintptr	pc;

struct Handler
	uintptr	pc1;
	uintptr	pc2;
	uintptr	eoff;
	uintptr	ne;
	Type*	t;
	Except*	etab;

#define H2D(t, x)	((t)(((uchar*)(x))+sizeof(Heap)))
#define D2H(x)		((Heap*)(((uchar*)(x))-sizeof(Heap)))
#define H		((void*)(-1))
#define SEXTYPE(f)	((Stkext*)((uchar*)(f)-OA(Stkext, reg.tos.fu)))
#define Setmark(h)	if((h)->color!=mutator) { (h)->color = propagator; nprop=1; }
#define gclock()	gchalt++
#define gcunlock()	gchalt--
#define gcruns()	(gchalt == 0)

extern	int	bflag;
extern	int	cflag;
extern	int	nproc;
extern	Type	Tarray;
extern	Type	Tstring;
extern	Type	Tchannel;
extern	Type	Tlist;
extern	Type	Tmodlink;
extern	Type*	TImage;
extern	Type	Tptr;
extern	Type	Tbyte;
extern	Type Tword;
extern	Type Tlong;
extern	Type Treal;
extern	REG	R;
extern	String	snil;
extern	void	(*optab[256])(void);
extern	void	(*comvec)(void);
extern	void	(*dec[])(void);
extern	Module*	modules;
extern	int	mutator;
extern	int	nprop;
extern	int	gchalt;
extern	int	gccolor;
extern	int	minvalid;

extern	int		Dconv(Fmt*);
extern	void		acquire(void);
extern	void		addrun(Prog*);
extern	void		altdone(Alt*, Prog*, Channel*, int);
extern	void		altgone(Prog*);
extern	Array*		allocimgarray(Heap*, Heap*);
extern	Module*	builtinmod(char*, void*, int);
extern	void		cblock(Prog*);
extern	void*		checktype(void*, Type*, char*, int);
extern	void		cmovw(void*, void*);
extern	Channel*	cnewc(Type*, void (*)(void), int);
extern	int		compile(Module*, int, Modlink*);
extern	void		cqadd(Progq**, Prog*);
extern	void		cqdel(Progq**);
extern	void		cqdelp(Progq**, Prog*);
extern	void		crecv(Channel*, void*);
extern	void		csend(Channel*, void*);
extern	int		csendalt(Channel*, void*, Type *, int);
extern	Prog*		currun(void);
extern	void		dbgexit(Prog*, int, char*);
extern	void		dbgxec(Prog*);
extern	void		delprog(Prog*, char*);
extern	Prog*		delrun(int);
extern	void		delrunq(Prog*);
extern	Prog*		delruntail(int);
extern	void		destroy(void*);
extern	void		destroyimage(ulong);
extern	void		destroylinks(Module*);
extern	void		destroystack(REG*);
extern	void		drawmodinit(void);
extern	Type*		dtype(void (*)(Heap*, int), int, uchar*, int);
extern	Module*		dupmod(Module*);
extern	int		dynldable(int);
extern	void		iqlock(ILock*);
extern	void		iqunlock(ILock*);
extern	void		loadermodinit(void);
extern	void		error(char*);
extern	void		errorf(char*, ...);
extern	void		extend(void);
extern	void		freedyncode(Module*);
extern	void		freedyndata(Modlink*);
extern	void		freemod(Module*);
extern	void		freeheap(Heap*, int);
extern	void		freeptrs(void*, Type*);
extern	void		freestring(Heap*, int);
extern	void		freetype(Type*);
extern	void		freetypemodinit(void);
extern	long	getdbreg();
extern	int		gfltconv(Fmt*);
extern	void		go(Module*);
extern	int		handler(char*);
extern	Heap*	heap(Type*);
extern	Heap*	heaparray(Type*, int);
extern	void		(*heapmonitor)(int, void*, ulong);
extern	int		heapref(void*);
extern	Heap*		heapz(Type*);
extern	int		hmsize(void*);
extern	void		incmem(void*, Type*);
extern	void		initarray(Type*, Array*);
extern	void		initmem(Type*, void*);
extern	void		irestore(Prog*);
extern	Prog*		isave(void);
extern	void		keyringmodinit(void);
extern	void		killcomm(Progq **p);
extern	int		killprog(Prog*, char*);
extern	int		killgrp(Prog*, char*);
extern	Modlink*	linkmod(Module*, Import*, int);
extern	Modlink*	mklinkmod(Module*, int);
extern	Module*		load(char*);
extern	Module*		lookmod(char*);
extern	long	magic(void);
extern	void		markarray(Type*, void*);
extern	void		markchan(Type*, void*);
extern	void		markheap(Type*, void*);
extern	void		marklist(Type*, void*);
extern	void		markmodl(Type*, void*);
extern	void		mathmodinit(void);
extern	Array*		mem2array(void*, int);
extern	void		mlink(Module*, Link*, uchar*, int, int, Type*);
extern	void		modinit(void);
extern	WORD		modstatus(REG*, char*, int);
extern	void		movp(void);
extern	void		movtmp(void);
extern	void		movtmpsafe(void);
extern	int			mustbesigned(char*, uchar*, ulong, Dir*);
extern	Module*		newmod(char*);
extern	Module*		newdyncode(int, char*, Dir*);
extern	void		newdyndata(Modlink*);
extern	void	newgrp(Prog*);
extern	void		newmp(void*, void*, Type*);
extern	Prog*		newprog(Prog*, Modlink*);
extern	void		newstack(Prog*);
extern	Heap*		nheap(int);
extern	void		noptrs(Type*, void*);
extern	int		nprog(void);
extern	void		opinit(void);
extern	Module*		parsemod(char*, uchar*, u32, Dir*);
extern	Module*		parsedmod(char*, int, ulong, Qid);
extern	void		prefabmodinit(void);
extern	Prog*		progn(int);
extern	Prog*		progpid(int);
extern	void		ptradd(Heap*);
extern	void		ptrdel(Heap*);
extern	void		pushrun(Prog*);
extern	Module*		readmod(char*, Module*, int);
extern	void		irecv(void);
extern	void		release(void);
extern	void		releasex(void);
extern	void		retnstr(char*, int, String**);
extern	void		retstr(char*, String**);
extern	void		rungc(Prog*);
extern	void		runtime(Module*, Link*, char*, int, void(*)(void*), Type*);
extern	void		safemem(void*, Type*, void (*)(void*));
extern	void		isend(void);
extern	void	setdbreg(uchar*);
extern	uchar*	setdbloc(uchar*);
extern	void		seterror(char*, ...);
extern	void		sethints(String*, int);
extern	String*		splitc(String**, int);
extern	uchar*		stack(Frame*);
extern	int		stringblen(String*);
extern	int		stringcmp(String*, String*);
extern	String*		stringdup(String*);
extern	String*		stringheap(int, int, int, int);
extern	char*		syserr(char*, char*, Prog*);
extern	void		sysinit(void);
extern	void		sysmodinit(void);
extern	void		tellsomeone(Prog*, char*);
extern	void		tkmodinit(void);
extern	void		unextend(Frame*);
extern	void		unframe(void);
extern	void		unload(Module*);
extern	int		verifysigner(uchar*, int, uchar*, ulong);
extern	void		xec(Prog*);
extern	void		xecalt(int);
extern	int		xprint(Prog*, void*, void*, String*, char*, int);
extern	int		bigxprint(Prog*, void*, void*, String*, char**, int);
extern	void		iyield(void);
extern	String*		newrunes(int);
extern	String*		newstring(int);
extern	int		runeslen(Rune*, int);
extern	String*		c2string(char*, int);
extern	char*		string2c(String*);
extern	List*		cons(ulong, List**);
extern	String*		slicer(ulong, ulong, String*);
extern	String*		addstring(String*, String*, int);
extern	int		brpatch(Inst*, Module*);
extern	void		readimagemodinit(void);

#define	O(t,e)		((intptr)(&((t*)0)->e))
#define	OA(t,e)		((intptr)(((t*)0)->e))

#pragma	varargck	type	"D"	Inst*
#pragma varargck argpos errorf 1