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date: Sat Feb 20 21:53:32 EST 2016

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@@ -4,46 +4,19 @@
 To build on Solaris using Sun cc, run CONF=sun make.
-To build on Windows, you need Mingw.  See
-Edit Make.config to uncomment the Windows section
-and comment out the rest.  Then run CONF=windows make.
+To build on Windows, you can use Visual C or Mingw on cygwin.
-(You can download nmake from 
-Rename it to make.exe and put it in your path somewhere.
-I haven't tested the Windows build on Windows itself.
-I cross-compile using mingw32 on Linux.
+please stand by.
-Use Mercurial: hg clone
-On the web at
-Tar file at
-In the Plan 9 distribution: /sys/src/cmd/unix/drawterm/ (sometimes out of date)
-Issue tracker:
-- Should import latest /dev/draw to allow resize of window
-- Should copy 9term code and make console window a real
-	9term window instead.
-- Should implement /dev/label.