code: drawterm

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ref: a43c1e6fab4d75c8d173a482ee8f4aa04de151c0
parent: 6519a0a6f21e7935c2db7ed75ed4afa9001f7b7c
author: andrey <>
date: Thu Sep 1 12:43:18 EDT 2005

enable queue management in kern/devmouse.c. i have no idea why it was

this caused scroll button movements to be missed from /dev/mouse as they
generate two quick on-off events of which only the last one was being read
by devmouse.


--- a/kern/devmouse.c
+++ b/kern/devmouse.c
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 #include	"memdraw.h"
 #include	"screen.h"
-int	mousequeue;
+int	mousequeue = 1;
 Mouseinfo	mouse;
 Cursorinfo	cursor;