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ref: 0a28dcd218775522ad0350e50a1f76b29907d97e
parent: 354a970bc1457f8f2ad70e143c3a767070b5c108
author: Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir <>
date: Mon Apr 8 10:50:45 EDT 2024

ext4srv(4): fshalt works with ext4srv now, update; add SOURCE section

--- a/sys/man/4/ext4srv
+++ b/sys/man/4/ext4srv
@@ -94,19 +94,6 @@
 .I uid
 in this case is
 .IR 0 .
-Some file system state is cached in memory, and may
-be flushed only when the file system is unmounted if
-.B -C
-flag is used, which enabled write-back cache.
-Therefore if
-.I ext4srv
-is stopped or the machine is rebooted while an ext4 file system is
-still mounted, the superblock on the device will have been marked `not
-(unless the
-.B -r
-flag was used).
 A different mode of
 .I ext4srv
@@ -124,6 +111,8 @@
 Additional options may be specified, for example
 .B -L
 may be used to set the filesystem label.
+.B /sys/src/cmd/ext4srv