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ref: 0c0ffafb5bf8a18aeb6871b86a6a049373124725
parent: 6ebb8b9e357944cc29ae3fafc0900ee3e325ed39
author: Igor Böhm <>
date: Tue Oct 5 16:17:33 EDT 2021

sam(1): fix description of ctrl+g

--- a/sys/man/1/sam	Sun Oct  3 11:58:58 2021
+++ b/sys/man/1/sam	Tue Oct  5 16:17:33 2021
@@ -726,7 +726,7 @@
 Ctrl+b switches to the command window and moves to the end
 of the text.
-Ctrl+g switches from to the last focused window.
+Ctrl+g switches to the last focused window.
 If the focused window is a text window, ctrl+g switches
 to the next zeroxed instance of that window.