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ref: 1ce6f0f2ab1896e35869f0e9e5079fc20dd981fc
parent: ca1542a19914979f5dc41f4f594689133153c74b
author: kvik <>
date: Thu Feb 18 15:40:30 EST 2021

nan(2): document isInf(x, 0) matching +∞ and -∞

--- a/sys/man/2/nan
+++ b/sys/man/2/nan
@@ -45,7 +45,9 @@
 else negative infinity.
 .I IsInf
 returns true if its first argument is infinity
-with the same sign as the second argument.
+with a sign matching the second argument.
+A zero sign matches both negative and positive
 .B /sys/src/libc/port/nan.c