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ref: 247d5183c731685906fced14e6a945c78bae1e57
parent: acfc389bb90944f3ac1200eec4a80b49adaf4e6a
author: Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir <>
date: Wed Sep 7 19:13:02 EDT 2022

reform(1): add a note about battery readings

--- a/sys/man/1/reform
+++ b/sys/man/1/reform
@@ -167,11 +167,16 @@
 MNT Reform 2 support first appeared in 9front (August, 2022).
 Only 44100Hz (default) and 48000Hz sample rates are supported with
-.IR audio ,
+.BR audio ,
 recording is not implemented.
-.I Light
+.B Light
 was chosen as a shorter alternative to
-.IR brightness .
+.BR brightness .
 In the future it might support controlling keyboard and trackball
 light levels.
+Values displayed in the
+.B battery
+file are not precise, cell capacities are hardcoded in the System
+Controller firmware.