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ref: 28f76455d39d990b47c6e46e18158f0a9ba09d25
parent: 1ec44ec77cfde746dc734a3921ec8fbeb6c743ce
author: rodri <>
date: Sun Jul 25 14:27:59 EDT 2021

dial(2): dial returns an open data file, not a ctl one. also fixed little typo.

--- a/sys/man/2/dial
+++ b/sys/man/2/dial
@@ -137,11 +137,7 @@
 .IR dial .
 .I Announce
 establishes a network
-name to which calls can be made.
-.IR dial ,
-.I announce
-returns an open
+name to which calls can be made, and returns an open
 .B ctl
@@ -247,7 +243,7 @@
 .I from
 appended to the string
 .BR /net .
-The last form is obsolete and is should be avoided.
+The last form is obsolete and it should be avoided.
 It exists only to aid in conversion.
 Make a call and return an open file descriptor to