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ref: 4001d24ec358ce958b13f3481a7cb214ee00a858
parent: a0e65ca07515404d0fe80557d79b135d07183a85
author: Ori Bernstein <>
date: Thu Jul 8 11:21:59 EDT 2021

fortunes: revision: allow pseudo options after --end-of-options

--- a/sys/games/lib/fortunes
+++ b/sys/games/lib/fortunes
@@ -5253,5 +5253,4 @@
 On the Internet, we are all Poland. -- Michael Hayden
 By the way, BBCNews site makes corrupt the browser. -- Kenji
 As much as I'd love to I feel I have to let it go -- rminnich
-You need a UNIX system to run SATAN.
-That depends on how you define native. -- Andre Garzia
+[PATCH] revision: allow pseudo options after --end-of-options