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ref: 4584fbf577c30963a958dc79607be3e37b5fab3a
parent: ca73f673473457152d6f1b2e9030495f8dec5c49
author: Noam Preil <>
date: Tue Nov 2 23:48:48 EDT 2021

venti(8): change documented behavior to match actual

--- a/sys/man/8/venti	Mon Nov  1 13:07:28 2021
+++ b/sys/man/8/venti	Tue Nov  2 23:48:48 2021
@@ -321,9 +321,9 @@
 changed if a component is moved to a different file.
 The configuration file consists of lines in the form described below.
-Lines starting with
+Comments start with 
 .B #
-are comments.
+and continue until the end of the line.
 .TF "\fLindex\fI name "