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ref: 556618eb07d1ac6e2c629a60acd53c45d53261be
parent: e182ec11fb0b4e90d69f94dc5020deed505bf33a
author: cinap_lenrek <>
date: Sat Sep 16 20:36:51 EDT 2023

sysupdate: use the rc -b flag to keep sysupdate in memory

when /rc/bin/sysupdate gets updated itself during a sysupdate,
rc gets confused when continuing reading the original file,
but it gets data from the updated file causing confusion.

the -b flag forces rc to read the original file as a whole
before starting execution preventing this issue.

updating this should be fine as the file has been shrunk
from 230 bytes to 224 bytes.

--- a/rc/bin/sysupdate
+++ b/rc/bin/sysupdate
@@ -1,11 +1,9 @@
+#!/bin/rc -b
 rfork en
 cd /
 if(! test -d .git)
 	bind -ac /dist/plan9front /
 if(! ~ `{git/branch} heads/front)
-	>[1=2] echo sysupdate: must be on "front" branch to pull
+	>[1=2] echo sysupdate: must be on "front" to pull
 if not
 	git/pull -u gits://