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ref: 5e040b3a2bdc88eecc2465c181cb2d9f25b415dd
parent: 50d23b6acc6ad659d28ec91ae9e75da2f30d3f9a
author: Humm <>
date: Fri Apr 9 10:48:07 EDT 2021

libthread: generate correct acid files

/sys/src/cmd/mksyslib uses `{basename $stem .$objtype}^.c to get the
source file name for *.acid files.  /sys/lib/acid/thread expects
sched.$objtype.acid.  This lets /sys/src/libthread/mkfile generate
that file.

--- a/sys/src/libthread/mkfile	Fri Apr  9 10:40:56 2021
+++ b/sys/src/libthread/mkfile	Fri Apr  9 10:48:07 2021
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
-all:V:	$LIB sched.acid channel.acid
+all:V:	$LIB sched.$objtype.acid channel.$objtype.acid
 spim.$O:	mips.c
 	$CC $CFLAGS -o $target mips.c