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ref: 5e20e8f963482a2008ed70cc8fa5973078248aed
parent: 6d012d2df00d742329a05aed46f657f439023fee
author: cinap_lenrek <>
date: Sat Jan 23 13:42:46 EST 2021

vt(1): document optional command argument (thanks sl)

--- a/sys/man/1/vt
+++ b/sys/man/1/vt
@@ -12,13 +12,18 @@
 ] [
 .B -l
 .I log
+] [
+.I cmd...
 .I Vt
 replaces a
 .I rio
-window with a fresh instance of the shell,
-.IR rc (1),
+window with a fresh instance of the program
+.I cmd
+(or the
+.IR rc (1)
+shell when omited)
 running within an emulation of a DEC VT-100 terminal.
 .SS Options
 .TF m