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ref: 64eaf7ba5bafbb3995cfb6f986dfd9a735f8ff81
parent: 0e66f87316e571f7edf5274369ec69a5905507aa
author: qwx <>
date: Mon Oct 31 14:02:50 EDT 2022

games/doom: experience it right from the start

add shareware doom v1.9 wad file to have games/doom be playable
immediately and with no extra effort by just typing `games/doom'.
/sys/games/lib/doom is one of the default directories scanned.  the
wad file must be named exactly `doom1.wad' for the game to be properly
configured as the shareware version and avoid weird glitches.

diff: cannot open b/sys/games/lib/doom//null: file does not exist: 'b/sys/games/lib/doom//null'
binary files /dev/null b/sys/games/lib/doom/doom1.wad differ