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ref: 669b3abd702b934927499d976e563a1d663f9648
parent: 7bd6679c82079db20ea3a9b2b1f08406719b52ec
author: cinap_lenrek <>
date: Tue Jul 20 17:49:30 EDT 2021

brk(2): .... we define lowest addres not used by the program above, so use that instead

--- a/sys/man/2/brk
+++ b/sys/man/2/brk
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
 .IR brk .
 A call to
 .I sbrk
-with a zero argument returns the end address
+with a zero argument returns the current break
 in the dynamic segment.
 .B /sys/src/libc/9sys/sbrk.c