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ref: 75b5e92d61a5b92846f7b8e3c038a2eedc2a8623
parent: 7dae737b7d930af10b60c0bb80f81c38b0bccd7b
author: fig <>
date: Fri Jan 13 01:29:43 EST 2023

tiltscreen documentation
plan9.ini(8) was lacking documentation for the tiltscreen option, so i
wrote some. i based it off of how the others were written.

--- a/sys/man/8/plan9.ini
+++ b/sys/man/8/plan9.ini
@@ -980,6 +980,15 @@
 .BR off .
 The first two specify differing levels of power saving;
 the third turns the monitor off completely.
+.SS \fL*tiltscreen=\fIvalue\fP
+This is used to orient the screen on startup.
+Values are
+.BR left ,
+.BR right ,
+.BR inverted ,
+.BR none .
+If no value is given, the default is none.
 .SS \fLnvram=\fIfile\fP
 .SS \fLnvrlen=\fIlength\fP