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ref: 775608db7c004aca265474adb3e081f676b3b12a
parent: 9827a6b1780efb2e87541115fd0dd3476eb1f193
author: Igor Böhm <>
date: Thu Nov 4 19:11:56 EDT 2021

leak(1): document how to generate pool.$objtype.acid
/sys/lib/acid/leak requires /sys/src/libc/port/pool.$objtype.acid
which is not present by default, describe how to generate it.

--- a/sys/man/1/leak	Fri Nov  5 18:26:28 2021
+++ b/sys/man/1/leak	Thu Nov  4 19:11:56 2021
@@ -218,7 +218,17 @@
 .I kmem
 depend on the internal structure of the
 libc pool memory allocator (see 
-.IR pool (2)).
+.IR pool (2))
+and require
+.B /sys/src/libc/port/pool.$objtype.acid
+to be present and generated from
+.BR pool.c 
+as follows:
+% cd /sys/src/libc/port && mk pool.$objtype.acid
 Since the ANSI/POSIX environment uses a different
 .I leak
@@ -228,8 +238,5 @@
 is not speedy, and
 .I acidleak
 can consume more memory than the process(es) being examined.
-These commands require
-.B /sys/src/libc/port/pool.acid
-to be present and generated from
-.BR pool.c .