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ref: 827bf1b7da635b1018cbcc515f0ce2c074337629
parent: d5f95143041c34865665b77f2dd60b5d39e5cd91
author: Michael Forney <>
date: Sun Feb 7 03:02:36 EST 2021

[9front] upas/vf: install %τ format specifier
upas/vf was converted to use tmdate, but the formatter was never
installed.  This caused it to send attachments to validateattachment
with header `From virusfilter %τ%`, which always failed since upas/fs
would just skip over the message.

--- a/sys/src/cmd/upas/vf/vf.c
+++ b/sys/src/cmd/upas/vf/vf.c
@@ -140,6 +140,8 @@
+	tmfmtinstall();
 	Binit(&in, 0, OREAD);
 	Binit(&out, 1, OWRITE);