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ref: 85e4383835ceeecdb244cdd2892976ae4d417c24
parent: 5ac3fa0257fcede4aa80d31e50551ed14ca9d997
author: José Miguel Sánchez García <>
date: Tue Mar 2 04:03:25 EST 2021

[9front] riostart: make text window focused by default
This change makes the text window be focused on startup when using
default riostart (e.g: when using the release ISO). This little change
makes you able to immediately reach the rc shell without clicking the
window, which at the very least is more convenient, and if you have
problems to use your mouse but want to install the system, you also
can (I had to stop profile from running at boot to patch it in my VPS
KVM console because the mouse wasn't working properly. Could install
and setup it to connect through drawterm).

--- a/sys/lib/dist/usr/glenda/bin/rc/riostart
+++ b/sys/lib/dist/usr/glenda/bin/rc/riostart
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
-window 0,0,161,117 stats -lmisce
 window -miny 130
+window 0,0,161,117 stats -lmisce
 # run a system shell on the serial console
 ~ $#console 0 || window -scroll console