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ref: 9d20339e479551841d6d917669bf67b83893b126
parent: 29468e518a88ae285a527cf0295be7be8e9ca08a
author: Jacob Moody <>
date: Fri Oct 7 11:26:04 EDT 2022

aux/kbdfs: correct comment regarding 0x79 and 0x7b codes.

These are not just random one off codes used by the HHKB. These
are the codes used for language input keys on OADG 109(A) boards.

--- a/sys/src/cmd/aux/kbdfs/kbdfs.c
+++ b/sys/src/cmd/aux/kbdfs/kbdfs.c
@@ -124,8 +124,12 @@
 Channel *intchan;	/* chan(int) */
- * The codes at 0x79 and 0x7b are produced by the PFU Happy Hacking keyboard.
- * A 'standard' keyboard doesn't produce anything above 0x58.
+ * The codes at 0x79 and 0x7b are for the (無)変換 "(Mu)henkan" keys
+ * used by OADG 109(A) keyboards. The PFU Happy Hacking keyboard
+ * has only one layout and will produce these for otherwise unmarked
+ * keys. The default mappings for the HHKB on other systems map
+ * these to Kdown and Kup. The jp kbmap will instead map these
+ * (along with 0x70) to control characters that ktrans understands.
 Rune kbtab[Nscan] =