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Plan 9 from Bell Labs is provided under the terms of the MIT license,
reproduced in the file /lib/legal/mit.

Any additions or changes (as recorded in git history) made by 9front
are also provided under the same MIT License, unless otherwise indicated.

The following exceptions apply:

1. No right is granted to create derivative works of or
   to redistribute (other than with the Plan 9 Operating System)
   the screen imprinter fonts identified in subdirectory
   /lib/font/bit/lucida and printer fonts (Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida
   Sans Italic, Lucida Sans Demibold, Lucida Typewriter, Lucida Sans
   Typewriter83), identified in subdirectory /sys/lib/postscript/font.
   These directories contain material copyrights by B&H Inc. and Y&Y Inc.

2. The printer fonts identified in subdirectory /sys/lib/ghostscript/font
   are subject to the GNU GPL, version 2, reproduced in the file /lib/legal/gpl.

3. The ghostscript program in the subdirectory /sys/src/cmd/gs is
   covered by the Aladdin Free Public License, reproduced in the file

4. The Source and Terminus fonts identified in subdirectory
   /lib/font/bit/ are released under the SIL Open Font License,
   reproduced in the file /lib/legal/ofl.

Other, less notable exceptions are marked in the file tree with