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ref: a7a34f1fdf891d655524f1fa963e39d3cbd168d9
parent: 370ef39bf963fc715c06982cb863eb0d50eb3ad9
author: Jacob Moody <>
date: Sat Jun 12 14:44:17 EDT 2021

sam: remove refrence to /srv file in man page

--- a/sys/man/1/sam	Sat Jun 12 19:12:41 2021
+++ b/sys/man/1/sam	Sat Jun 12 14:44:17 2021
@@ -854,22 +854,13 @@
 listens to the
 .B edit
 plumb port.
-If plumbing is not active,
-on invocation
-.I sam
-creates a named pipe
-.BI /srv/sam. user
-which acts as an additional source of commands.  Characters written to
-the named pipe are treated as if they had been typed in the command window.
 .I B
 is a shell command that sends the named
 .IR files
-to the edit port of the plumber.
-If plumbing is not available,
-it attempts to load 
-.IR files
-through the named pipe.
+to the
+.B edit
+port of the plumber.
 .SS Abnormal termination
 .I sam