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ref: acf50236c16a9777d648cfa628d0cfedb958f1bc
parent: c6a92afc7ac0382d90bf0fbd1d2e3e258a57aad4
author: sl <sl@deckard>
date: Tue Feb 21 21:13:17 EST 2023

/lib/theo: I don't care if code is old.

--- a/lib/theo
+++ b/lib/theo
@@ -984,3 +984,27 @@
 I want to say more.
 You really have no idea what you are talking about.
 You don't know.  I don't know.  None of us know.
+You can stop asking.
+You are out of line.
+Grow up.
+Or, maybe you are just speaking dishonestly.
+Prove it.
+Your plan is half baked.
+Take a step back.
+Software bloat is dangerous.
+This does not help anything.
+I completely disagree on this, of course.
+Come on, that's just some incomplete claim.
+to me, that is sad.
+No, I don't think so.
+Your proposal is junk.
+Not going to happen.
+Are there any downsides?
+I don't care if code is old.
+There really is no need to demonstrate being uneducated.
+You are the one making the claim.
+Please provide a citation of a source, it would be helpful.