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ref: dde3628d54073e0569bf565e6ec861e42cfa35f6
parent: 1b44caa0c40d7b722a7d9edd0a6eaefe1616c4b0
author: Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir <>
date: Sat Apr 6 17:31:49 EDT 2024

nusb(4): fix Audio section

--- a/sys/man/4/nusb
+++ b/sys/man/4/nusb
@@ -277,10 +277,10 @@
 It implements a file system (normally seen under
 .BR /dev ),
-.BN audioU N
+.BI audioU N
 .BI volumeU N
-files that have the same semantics as
+and other files that have the same semantics as
 .IR audio (1)).
 .SS Camera devices
 .I Cam