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ref: e7015971091d3fd46b73fc47d8a290961047b71d
parent: 5e098228acee982a11484fc5f5b3d127a521dfdd
author: kvik <>
date: Sat Jun 19 08:03:53 EDT 2021

nusbrc(8): fix typo (thanks

--- a/sys/man/8/nusbrc	Sat Jun 19 08:00:52 2021
+++ b/sys/man/8/nusbrc	Sat Jun 19 08:03:53 2021
@@ -31,5 +31,5 @@
 identified by the devices unique name assigned by usbd.
 When the environment variable
 .I nousbhname
-is defined, devies are named by ther dynamically assigned
+is defined, devices are named by ther dynamically assigned
 usb device address instead. This emulates the old behaviour.