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ref: ea347ee7f181208be5a2ace0e35d268ccfefa1e4
parent: 4083ff093e0377928744f431d1b37ecfb37c79d7
author: kemal <>
date: Sat Mar 6 16:52:00 EST 2021

[9front] [PATCH] fix small typo in vmx(3)
vmx(3) does not use itself to implement virtual machines.

--- a/sys/man/3/vmx
+++ b/sys/man/3/vmx
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 .I vmx
 device supports "virtual CPUs" using the Intel VT-x extension (a.k.a. VMX instruction set).
 This is used by
-.IR vmx (3)
+.IR vmx (1)
 to implement virtual machines.
 Access to the
 .I vmx