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ref: f2919dfd14e9c0ec58d0f9b1accab63080ec07f4
parent: 262d5c101bae721f5e4428510448f6c7a247fde4
author: Alex Musolino <>
date: Tue Dec 22 05:11:03 EST 2020

rio(4): list window states in order (thanks umbracticus)

--- a/sys/man/4/rio
+++ b/sys/man/4/rio
@@ -214,12 +214,12 @@
 .IR y .
 Following these numbers are strings, also padded to 12 characters,
 describing the window's state:
-.B hidden
-.BR visible ;
 .B current
-.BR notcurrent .
+.BR notcurrent ;
+.B hidden
+.BR visible .
 A subsequent read will block until the window changes size, location, or state.
 When written to,
 .B wctl