code: 9ferno

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ref: df8fccc05de108237ee36fa493f987429c00c7f7
parent: 670f4e90ee6028ffee399e5a96fb5e4cd72fc7bc
author: 9ferno <>
date: Tue Sep 7 01:09:43 EDT 2021

added comment on checksum

--- a/appl/cmd/disk/kfs64.b
+++ b/appl/cmd/disk/kfs64.b
@@ -3034,6 +3034,13 @@
 	return 0;
+# this checksum use is useless and slows down processing as
+#	the disks do the crc check at the block level anyway.
+#	Leaving it in as I cannot use the cksum[4] bytes for anything
+#	else and they would be wasted for padding.
+#	might as well use those 4 bytes for something, maybe help catch
+#	memory errors?
+#	check the inferno.notes on the relevant discussion about this too.
 # using an array of big instead of int to keep it fast
 #	ignoring the last 4 bytes before tag from the checksum calculation
 # using 1's complement addition from