code: 9ferno

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ref: fa18daa2f56b306b151781523e877bd07d62f799
parent: 0b4dfa6542749ba3a090b17ed6499b6034fa9643
author: 9ferno <>
date: Tue Aug 17 09:28:42 EDT 2021

avoid using some pc header files

the implementations are inconsistent with 9front drivers

--- a/os/pc64/mkfile
+++ b/os/pc64/mkfile
@@ -72,8 +72,7 @@
 # copies generated by the rule below
-PCHEADERS=usbehci.h screen.h mp.h io.h ahci.h \
-	yukdump.h vga.h audio.h
+PCHEADERS=usbehci.h ahci.h yukdump.h vga.h audio.h
 REPCH=`{echo $PCHEADERS | sed 's/\.h//g; s/ /|/g'}
 ^($REPCH)\.h:R:	../pc/\1.h