code: mafs

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update document
install from cd, use mafs as a root fs

create if a file already exists should error out? check create(2) and open(5)

write Dentry blocks using text instead of using binary
	similar to showblock() but the other way, writeblock()
address the fragmentation of memunits
	check that the file size is matched by the number of blocks
test exclusive use file access
test syncusers()
not updating Qid.version on writes or changes(?)
fswstat TODO
streamline the error codes
	add user and remove user messages
	users format has changed as per this
read only mode
need rlock() when looking up user id, group id, or user attributes
Clean up the Iobuf locking description?
APPEND files

not a priority, are they even needed?
make docs/ more interesting?
Open device file in EXCL mode?
	not possible. It is set at create time.
Add readahead?
ORCLOSE	remove on close
correct /adm/ctl operation:
	echo df >> /adm/ctl
	cat /adm/ctl