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ref: 60b64002196eb39d59a4d4263a98fe9f8dcb187e
parent: 3bbff3ee20de3f6ccbfd543a311ecb24f2eb8729
author: cinap_lenrek <>
date: Mon Jan 9 14:37:38 EST 2023

ssh(1): relies -> relays (thanks sigrid)

--- a/sys/man/1/ssh
+++ b/sys/man/1/ssh
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@
 .B -X
 flag enables mux mode, which after establishing
-the tunnel, relies the raw SSH protocol
+the tunnel, relays the plaintext SSH protocol
 messages on file-descriptor 0 and 1.
 This is used by programs such as
 .IR sshnet (4)